Carol replied to Sandra Ng’s SMS

Sandra Ng was at a recording studio for the dubbing of an animation. When asked whether she had congratulated Andy’s becoming a father? Sandra expressed that she had sent an SMS to him but he did not replied her, it was the same case with Eric Tsang who also send an SMS to Andy and did not got a reply. Sandra said: “I did! I congratulate Mrs. Lau, and she replied me, we exchanged SMSes in the past, but Andy did not reply me, Mrs. Lau said a few sentences in the SMS, nothing detailed.”

Sandra then helped explained for Andy as she pointed out that he did not reply to anyone, the reason could be he’s very busy, thus the SMS she sent was “I don’t dare to believe blindly, need evidence before I believe”, till now Andy had not replied her.

When asked what present she would give to the baby girl, a troubled Sandra expressed that when the first day Andy announced that his wife is pregnant, she already started thinking what present to get, but still could not think what to get after so many months, not because Andy’s lacking anything, but people have personal preference for baby products, not sure if it fits the parent’s preference, like for example a baby clothes presents she received for her daughter, many are still unwrapped, all stored in the store room, the reason being unable to meet the timing or not to my preference. She said: “I must return the favor.” Will she go visit the baby? She feel that many people would want to visit the baby, she will go when invited.

Meanwhile Ming Pao Weekly reported that the “little dragon girl” was not conceived with IVF but naturally conceived, currently she’s in the babys room of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, there was a screen set up in Carol’s ward and the couple could see the baby’s every movements.

Even before the baby was revealed, several Hong Kong medias already had “plans” for her, according to 3weekly, little dragon girl has big eyes and small mouth, fair skinned and a sweet smile, like a miniature of Carol. Andy wanted to nurture his daughter, 6 months ago he had approached a master for the auspicious time for caesarean birth. Andy is said to focus on education, he planned for his daughter to learn English, Mandarin and French when she grew up and there’s a possibility of arranged her to study in Canada to escape from the paparazzi.

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News Taiwan