Andy reject baby products endorsements

It’s already the fourth day Andy Lau became a father, the media are still waiting at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital everyday, but to prevent his wife and daughter to be disturbed, Andy continued to play secret as he yet came out to make announcement. Andy would only head to Mainland China for location shooting of director Johnnie To’s Blind Detective, thus he would be enjoying family company with his wife and daughter during this “maternity leave”. It’s also alleged that Andy had turned down several baby products endorsements from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan companies.

Before the birth of the daughter, it was said that the “little dragon girl” would bring good luck to her father, thus Andy’s management company had already received many gifts from friends, film companies and sponsors. It’s also alleged that Andy had already turned down several baby products endorsements, he would not be resuming work for the short period or shoot any baby products’ commercial, he would accompany Carol for another two weeks till end of the month which he’s required to resume the shooting for Johnnie To’s film.

Meanwhile, Andy’s friends continued to congratulate him. Sammi Cheng posted on her blog a photograph of herself and Andy during shooting of a film, she added a dialogue: “Congratulation, the world is happy for you! Hehe!” She also commented: “Bless you!” Director Andrew Lau posted on his blog: “Yang Guo indeed got Little Dragon Girl, congrats Andy.” Leo Ku expressed on his blog: “Andy, sincerely congrats to you for becoming a father!”

In a golf competition press conference, Eric Tsang was asked about Andy becoming a father, he exclaimed that he never get in contact with Andy, he said: “I did send him a SMS, but he did not reply me, I know many people are looking for him.” Eric added that he feel happy for Andy, maybe will visit the baby later and not disturb him at the moment. When asked if Andy is too secretive, Eric said: “I only knew after reading the news! I know that he had stopped work, thus it should be around this period. (Secretive about the baby?) It’s reasonable that he does not wish any disturbance, in addition he’s nervous because it’s his first. Other than himself, Andy wants to keep everything low profile, except himself.”

The media is famous for deploying a “mole” in hotels, hospital and restaurants, normally these moles are friends of the reporters, when the potted any celebrities, they would inform the reporters and if the time the news is successfully reported, that phone call could worth a few hundreds dollar. It is said due to Andy’s usual low profile, many media expected that he would not be revealing his daughter’s photo, thus they had already offer large rewards to tend the “moles” in the hospital to provide photos of Carol, her ward, most importantly the photo of the baby, however it would not be easy when alleged that the ward was guarded.

Actually the media are also not sure that Carol gave birth in Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, it’s only being earlier reported that she would give birth in that hospital. Large number of media feel that to prevent his wife and daughter to be disturbed, letting out false alarm could be one of his tactics, thus the paparazzi had started out to look for other sources of news and gossip.

news and photo from:, Macao Daily, Headline Daily, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Sing Tao