Addition of a grand-daughter, Andy’s parents were all smiles

Earlier it was alleged that Andy Lau had became a father, to prevent his wife and daughter to be disturbed by the media, he was not interviewed by the media, including his friends and parents, even to the extend of not making any announcement on his official Andy World Club website. For the past two days, large number of reporters are waiting outside Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, it’s alleged that Andy would appeared for interview yesterday but till midnight he did not make any appearance. Meanwhile, according to the medical staffs whom had seen Andy’s “little dragon girl”, the baby girl is cute and looked like Carol Zhu Liqian.

The whole of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital kept mum about Andy’s daughter, but insider revealed that their ward is on the president ward on 28th floor of the hospital which Michelle Reis had also gave birth in the same ward.

It was reported by the Hong Kong media that since birth, Andy’s baby stayed in an individual babys room and is monitored by professionals, no visiting allowed. However, according to the nurse who had seen the “little dragon girl”, the baby resemble Carol, fair skin, active and cute, whenever the couple wanted to see the baby, they can press the bell and the baby will be brought to Carol’s ward, they could not hide their excitement whenever they see her.

To avoid disturbance, Andy rejected to be interviewed. Currently, Carol and the baby remained in the hospital for observation with Andy accompanying them. He was also being kept busy with the handling of his friends’ congratulation calls and SMSes. Although many friends and relatives wished to visit the baby at the hospital but Andy wanted to prevent any chaotic situation which will affect the other patients, thus he rejected any visit request, even his parents are advised not to visit them at the hospital, it would be better when they returned home so that friends and relative could slowly visit them. It’s believed that Carol will be discharge from the hospital these few days and Andy would share his happiness as he does not want his “family members” to feel that they are the last to know the good news.

Andy’s parents were full of smiles when they went out for morning tea yesterday morning, around 7:30am from their apartment at Kadoorie Hill to Paramount Banquet Hall (Ho Man Tin) in their 7-seater vehicle driven by their driver. Maybe Andy had asked his parents to “keep mum” for the moment thus they only smile and did not answer any questions asked by the reporters. During tea, his father read the entertainment segment on the newspaper, paying close attention to reports on Andy, while his mother chat with her friends. Around 9am, Andy’s parents finished tea and board their vehicle to Tsz Wan Shan to pick up something from friends before heading home.

In between, reporters managed to meet Ti Lung at the car park and he claimed that he happened to pass by and send his congratulation to Andy’s promotion to father. He said: “I just happened to pass by, congratulate him, need not pass any child care tips to him, the couple know what to do. Don’t give them too much pressure.”

With regards to the baby photo uploaded by Jordan Chan which everybody mistaken it as the photo of Andy’s “little dragon girl”, his wife Cherrie Ying clarify: “This is our friend’s baby, please don’t say it’s my idol’s baby!”

Carina Lau who wrote her congratulation to Andy on her blog had a typo on the word “jin”, upon discovering, she immediately made correction.

Deanie Ip was interviewed by the Hong Kong media, she expressed that she had yet go to see the baby, but she had read the SMS Andy sent her, she was delighted, “I’m so delighted that I forgot about saying congratulation, I replied “that’s great!” instead.” Deanie revealed that she planned to visit Andy three months later so that she could prepare her gift which will be a book to teach baby yoga.

Cherie Chung whom had collaborated with Andy several times wore a low neckline blouse to attend an opening ceremony yesterday. With regards to Andy becoming a father, she send her congratulation to him and expressed that daughter tends to stick closely to the father, she said: “Actually I love children, I feel that they are like a piece of white paper, like an innocent small animal.” When asked if she thought of adopting children, she expressed that it depend on affinity, as she might not have the patient to take care of children and the responsibility is too huge, she quipped: “In the past, I thought of adopting red, black and golden hair children, like united nation, feel that I’m doing a good deed and encourage Chinese to adopt as Chinese feel that adoption means the children are not theirs, it’s more open in Western countries.” Due to her busy life and spend time having fun, she dropped the idea.

When attending an event, Anthony Wong Chau Sang was being asked about Andy becoming a father, he expressed that he knew nothing. When asked if he would pay a visit to see the baby, he said: “I don’t even know, how to visit? When being informed, I’ll send my congratulation, if he want you to know he will tell us! (Will you ask him?) Nope, he decided to keep it a secret and I’ll wait for him to reveal.”

Other celebrities also send their congratulation to Andy.

Kelly Chen: “I feel happy for Andy, hope he could have another one within 3 years. The little dragon girl to be healthy and grow up faster. I suggest to Andy, I’ve two sons and we could become in-laws.”

Chapman To: “I believed this daughter is the greatest present to Andy, he worked so hard in showbiz for so many years, made so many sacrifice, now he should get back some family lifestyle. Now he became a father, best to send him my boundless blessing, I might give some tonic to Carol.”

Andy World Club member Christine Au Yeung: “Feel so excited for Andy, it’s like myself having a daughter. Child is a gift from heaven, hope Carol will have another one, maybe a son. Earlier I bought a baby clothes in Korea for Andy, might get some tonic for Carol.”

Michael Miu: “He didn’t call me, but if really gave birth, so delighted! I didn’t call him as I’m rushing the shooting of my drama, not sure if he’s currently busy, maybe will look for him later to pass him some tips.”

Reporters also tried to contact Andy’s ex-girlfriend Yu Kexin to ask if she would give her blessing, she did not answer the phone calls whereas her mother answer on her behalf: “Didn’t watch TV, no replies, no feeling, never keep contact, what’s there to say, it does not concern us. (46 years old Yu Kexin will get married?) We live well and happily, tomorrow things will talk tomorrow.”

In the latest issue of Sudden Weekly, it was reported that Andy had spent NT$3 million on his wife’s postpartum confinement, Carol would not be breast feeding and the “little dragon girl” will grow up with milk powder.

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