Andy: It’s hard to drive and still look handsome

It was raining heavily in Shanghai on 24 April but it was still jam packed with people in E3 hall of 13th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2009 because heavenly king Andy Lau will be appearing at the Acura booth. It was still one hour away before the opening ceremony but the Acura had been jam packed with people waiting to catch a glimpse of the heavenly king, the organizer sent out several security guards to maintain order. Around 11:00am, following the countdown timer on the Acura’s booth stage, onlookers started to get excited and under the applause and cheers, Andy appeared on the stage.

Andy was full of smile and energetic, he appeared to be in high spirit as his presence calm the crowd. He was surprised when he noticed that all three floors had been filled with people as he started to greet all fans as he said: “I never expected so many people came here.” As per instructed by the compere, Andy and the audience watch the Acura TL commercial.

Andy’s friendliness trigger the fans’ enthusiasm as it resulted in a small commotion. Heavenly king Andy had no choice but to change his focus on the commercial onto the fans as he made used of the microphone to cool down the fans as urge all to take note of their safety and not to push to prevent any accident. In the end, the compere said: “If the commotion is beyond control, Andy will have to leave early.” Upon hearing, the fans and audience control of themselves, it can be seem of the effect of Andy on them.

“At sunset, I sitting on TL, remembering the first time meeting with her in the rain….” this is the most beautiful and romantic scene in the Acura TL commercial, it is also the proof of love between male lead Andy and female lead Guey Lun-mei. In order to bring out the inner beauty of TL, it target the driver of the car as people with taste. Acura specially invited well known Hong Kong director Andrew Lau to direct the commercial as he shoot the romantic love story like a movie.

In order to show off the taste of TL owners, the male lead Andy is a wine manor in San Francisco. This is the first time that Andy shoot a car commercial, he express: “The commercial has a top class production team, it’s like shooting a movie, I’m very satisfied with it, I’m delighted to be able to collaborate with such a high class brand like Acura.” Andy whom personally drove the vehicle himself has high praise for TL, he said: “I love the sporty body of TL, it can really give me the care-free driving experience. Driving on the urban and rural roads of San Francisco, even drove on the Golden Gate Bridge, the driving experience and beautiful scenery remain in my memory till today.” Andy also share the background story of the Acura commercial, he also expressed the attitude of life that TL represents: “The car can show the character of the driver, I feel that Acura TL is a car that can allow you to enjoy the fruitful driving experience and show off the driver’s character, therefore it is a car that can satisfy all occasions.”

Andy revealed that he got his driving license when he was 20-years-old but he had not been driving for many years, for the shooting of the Acura TL commercial, he had to drive the car himself. There is a scene in the commercial where Andy had to drive the TL round the mountainous area, Andy refuse the suggestion of a replacement driver as he insist to drive the car himself for the shooting of the scene. For not driving for several years and used to right-hand drive cars, Andy need some time to get used to the car, but he was still full of charisma in the commercial. He quipped: “It’s not difficult to drive, what’s more difficult is to remain handsome while driving.”

After his close experience with Acura TL, Andy had fall in love with the car and stress that he always has high requirements when picking commercials to shoot. As he understand that Acura is an European brand, he also managed to see Acura on the roads of Hong Kong frequently, after finding out from friends that Acura is a brand with good reviews, he decided to let Acura become the first automobile he endorsed.

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