Andy Lau finally promoted to be a father!

50 years old Andy Lau finally promoted to be a father! It’s alleged by Taiwanese media that his 46 years old wife Carol Zhu Liqian gave birth to the “little dragon girl” weighting slightly more than 6 pounds. Reporters stationed at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, fans send in their congratulations on his official website. However, Andy still kept silent, till last night he had yet announced he had became a father, so secretive!

In 2009, Andy was exposed of marrying Carol secretly in America and lied to everybody, hoping to be a father, he had been working hard after marriage and finally Carol got pregnant. Recently, Andy had stopped all work in order to accompany his wife. Initially Carol was scheduled to deliver on 11 May but it was alleged two nights ago she complained of pain and the anxious Andy and family members send her to the hospital, the 10-months pregnant Carol was accompanied by Andy as they went to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital waiting to give birth and checked by the doctor, the doctor in charge is Dr. William So Wai Ki, it’s said that Carol had gave birth to a 6 pounds (around 2.72kg) “little dragon girl” around 8am on 9 May, both mother and baby are safe. Andy’s promotion to father had been spread to showbiz yesterday, reporters immediately rushed to wait at the hospital and his apartment in Kadoorie Hill, till last night there are still no sight of Andy nor his parents.

It is said that Andy accompanied Carol in the delivery room, when the nurse passed his daughter to him, he was so agitated and teared as he look at his daughter’s face. It do seems that Andy had waited for this day for a long time. It’s alleged that Andy gave his daughter the name – ‘Liu Yun Shan’

In order to prevent the media or other people from entering Carol’s ward, when Carol checked in to the ward at the 8th floor of the hospital two night ago, Andy had specially made request to the hospital that all medical staffs entering that floor need to wear their employee pass, the ward was also protected by bodyguards. Names of family members and medical staff not on the list would not be able to enter the ward. Since gave birth, Andy had been staying in the hospital to accompany his wife.

Although the allegation of “little dragon girl” was widely spreaded, but Andy did not appeared in public nor made any announcement in his Andy World Club website, it seems that he does not wish to reveal the news or he wanted to wait till his wife and daughter discharge from the hospital before making any announcement. When his management company was approached to rectify the matter, the spokesman replied: “There’s no announcement.” When asked if Andy will announce the news, the spokesman said:”He never talked about it, we are still awaiting notice. (Were you at the hospital?) I’m currently at the company.”

Despite Andy kept quiet but his fans had already started to announce the good news on Andy’s official website as they wrote: “Awaits good news tomorrow.” Many fans started to leave comments, around 6pm last night, fans even left comments: “The princess in our family finally arrive, Andy when would you announce the good news personally?”, “‘Lao Da’! We want the good news!’Lao Da’ Congratulation on promoting to father!” They are all urging Andy to announce the good news.

As “little dragon girl” was born yesterday, coincidentally Andy World Club would be having a celebration on 9 June, it will be the first month of the “little dragon girl”, Andy would have the chance to announce the good news to his “family members” personally on that day.

Several celebrities in showbiz also send in their congratulation. Kelly Chen who just became mother for the second time wish Andy’s “little dragon girl” would be healthy and grow up soon, she quipped: “Hope Andy would have another baby within 3 years!”

Model Christine Au Yeung who is Andy’s super fan was excited when told, she said excitedly: “Really very happy! I feel that it’s a present from heaven. Actually when Andy announced that he would become a father, I calculated that she will arrive around the same time as my elder son, thus I feel nervous for him these two weeks, I already gave some baby clothes for them!”

In addition, Carol Cheng revealed on her radio programme that Andy had became a father on 8 May. When reporters rectify the matter with her, she replied: “I never said such things in my programme, maybe you heard it on the web! I never mentioned anything on Andy Lau.”

Ada Choi posted on her microblog: “Great! My idol has a daughter! Bless the family! Daughter is healthy! Wife recover soon!” Allen Ting said in a rather confirmed tone: “Andy became a father, daughter is really cute. Wish her could grow up faster and have a blissful life. Congratulation!”

It was once alleged that Andy and Jordan Chan was not on good terms, but Jordan made a new post on his microblog titled “senior official!” and attached a baby photo, some netizens guess that he could have went visiting Andy’s daughter. However, reporters could not confirm with Jordan till press time.

One of Andy’s best friend Micheal Miu was location shooting a drama yesterday, when asked about the news of Andy becoming a father, Michael said: “I’m working, never got any news, little dragon girl? Later I will SMS to congratulate Andy, hope the baby is healthy and grow up soon.”

Meanwhile at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Florence Kwok Siu Wan was spotted around 4pm yesterday and was rather shocked to see the large number of reporters, she expressed that she got flu and was there to see doctor. Also spotted there was Elizabete Kwong, she left 15 minutes later after picking up her medicine, she expressed that she’s suffering from migraine, instead she asked what are the reporters were waiting for.

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