Andy and Carol went “first month” food tasting

Earlier Andy Lau and wife Carol Zhu Liqian were discovered by East Weekly’s reporter at Kowloon Tong Club food tasting for their daughter’s first month celebration, in addition for the blessing of his wife and daughter, Andy had donated HK$10 million to Foguang Shan Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan aiding the temple’s building of Buddhist museum.

Recently, Andy had stopped working to accompany his wife to give birth. The couple was discovered by East Weekly’s reporter as they food tasting at Kowloon Tong Club at the end of last month, they were accompanied by 3 bodyguards, Andy was seen holding tightly to Carol’s hand, a loving couple, once again Carol was wearing a mask in public.

It is said that their trip was to taste the food for their soon-to-be-born daughter’s first month celebration, to avoid any disturbance, they tasted their food at the club’s second floor’s guest room, they spend two hours there. According to the diners there, Carol’s tummy is big but did not put on weight less the huge tummy, hands and legs are still slim. Andy was spotted taking out a child care book to read. They exchange their opinion as they seems excited of their soon-to-be-born daughter.

The report also pointed out that since Andy knew of his wife’s pregnancy last year, other than inviting venerable from Taiwan to bless the baby, coincidentally Kaohsiung Foguang Shan Temple intending to built a Buddhist museum, Andy had donated HK$10 million to bless the safety of mother and daughter. On the marble plate in the museum, the front row had Andy’s real name ‘Lau Fook-Wing’, it is said that those are names in the first row are donators of HK$10 million.

When contacted, Andy’s Focus Limited manager Ms Song expressed that she did not heard that Andy had donated to Kaohsiung Foguang Shan Temple, “Never heard of it, even if he donated, he shouldn’t be using Lau Fook-Wing, he should use Lau Tak Wah instead.” Ms Song stressed that Andy only used Lau Fook-Wing when he’s schooling, his real name is Lau Tak Wah but everyone seems to mistaken.

news and photo from: Headline Daily,, Liberty Times,