Andy’s meeting time with the fans got shorten

Earlier Andy Lau appeared as a secret guest in 13th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition and attracted large number of onlookers as the three storey shopping mall was jam packed with people. The organizer arranged more than 10 security guards and crew members to maintain order, however people whom got the news kept coming into the venue as those standing behind kept pushing those standing in front, it was a chaotic scene. Andy then said on stage: “I never expected so many people came to see me.”

When Andy was being interviewed on stage, the crowd had disputes with the security guards several times, a hepless Andy had to stop his speech and said in a cool manner: “This is still chaotic, can everybody please be careful?” For safety reasons, the activity had to be stopped after just 10 minutes, Andy left without being interviewed by the media.

news from: Apple Daily New