A Simple Life is simply a success

After winning a handful of awards at the Venice International Film Festival, Andy Lau’s drama A Simple Life continues to pick up prizes. While Deanie Ip may have won Best Actress at Venice, the Hong Kong Film Awards gave Andy the chance to pick up an award for Best Actor.

In case you didn’t know, A Simple Life is a Hong Kong drama directed by Ann Hui about a privileged son of a wealthy household and his close relationship with his nanny from childhood to old age in a nursing home. The son, Roger Leung, is played by Andy Lau, while the nanny/servant called Sister Peach is played by Deanie Ip. Of course, true Andy Lau fans will already have seen it, but for those that haven’t we’d recommend you leave your FoxyBingo.com or meal with your friends for another night, and go and see A Simple Life.

As well as acting in A Simple Life, Andy Lau’s Focus Films also invested in the project in partnership with Bona Film Group from China. At the Hong Kong Film Awards not only did Lau win best actor, but Hui won best director, Ip won best actress and Susan Chen won best screenplay. All that was on top of winning the best film award too.

The film was based on the real life experiences of Hong Kong producer Roger Lee whose amah had been with his family for 60 years. Hong Kong film fans will enjoy the film for its cameos, as well as Jackie Chan’s fight choreographer Sammo Hung, the film features Anthony Wong and director Tsui Hark.

Lee has said that he was influenced by the meditative humanism of the films of Japanese master, Yasujiro Ozu. Marriage, family and the relationship between human beings are some of the concerns that Ozu deals with. Once you’ve seen A Simple Life, don’t forget to look up Tokyo Story, which is Ozu’s masterpiece.