Andy writes calligraphy for charity

Father-to-be Andy Lau is still busy with work and continued his efforts in charity. Earlier he volunteer himself in the shooting of a promotional clip for Hong Kong Jockey Club to show its belief in charity. Andy who is well-verse in Chinese calligraphy showed off his ability by writing 10 different words related to belief in charity.

In front of the camera, Andy held his brush professionally to write the calligraphy, despite the short notice and tight shooting time, Andy still did well in his calligraphy writings.

Other than Andy, Susie So Sze Wong did the dialogue of the clip, William Chang and Albert Lin Xi were also involved. The Hong Kong Jockey Club invited a group of celebrities to shoot a 30-seconds clips and posters as it aims to let Hongkongers know of the club’s responsibility of doing something for the society via charity.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao

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