Andy would not be celebrating his Best Actor win

Andy Lau, Ann Hui, Marie Zhuge with husband, Kenneth Fok with girlfriend Guo Jingjing attended an activity of fashion apparel – Blanc de Chine.

Andy exclaimed that for all his concerts, the label would tailor made a costume with Chinese flavor for him. After winning the Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, he expressed that there would not be any special celebration. When asked by reporters, Andy only gave the answer: “No!” before walking into the event’s venue.

With regards to earlier remarks by Derek Yee that the result of the Hong Kong Film Awards was too emotional, not professional enough. A Simple Life’s director Ann Hui agreed as she believed that Derek was referring to Hong Kong Film Awards giving too much emotional points to Hong Kong films instead of referring to a particular film. She pointed out that she benefit from it and will do some thinking.

When asked if she would discuss this with Andy? She expressed that no discussion needed but could share their opinions.

With regards to the many audience upset for Lau Ching Wan’s loss, Ann pointed out that there is only one award, but both have their own supporters, when this point is being brought up, there won’t be any unhappiness. When asked who is the Best Actor in her heart, she exclaimed that she would choose Andy as he acted very well, Lau Ching Wan is also a good actor.

When asked if she would collaborate with Andy, Ann answered: “Not at that moment.”

news and photos from:, Ta Kung Pao, Sing Tao