Andy yet thought on how to punish Sandra Ng

The 31st Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) presentation ceremony was successfully held on 15 April at Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the night’s biggest winners are A Simple Life and Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D as both films won 5 awards respectively. Between the two films, A Simple Life’s result stood out as it won the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress. Bona Film held a joint celebration for its films A Simple Life, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Overheard 2, Its Love and A Beautiful Life. Other award winners of other companies like Jam Hsiao, Shu Qi, Emperor Films and You Are the Apple of My Eye cast also came to send their congratulation.

Naturally the celebration’s limelight fell on Andy Lau and Deanie Ip. With regards to the joke of such an old age and still could pregnant his wife made by Sandra Ng, Andy quipped that she said too much and he had yet thought of how to punish her because he’s still enjoying the happiness of the ceremony. It was alleged that Andy’s face turned black when he heard what Sandra had said, but when the camera focus on him, he had no choice to maintain his smile. When asked whether he called home to tell the good news, Andy exclaimed that it’s late, his family were already sleeping. When asked if his win is due to the luck of the baby, he only said thanks and expressed that he would display the award in his fan club’s office.

This win being his third Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor win, Andy quipped: “I’m still very excited, people joked that I’m an Olympic actor, win once every 4 years.” With regards to A Simple Life winning the 4 major awards, Andy feel that it’s a complete end for A Simple Life as it can be seem an art film and director Ann Hui still have an important position in the market. He said: “Never thought of it, really a complete circle, had to thanks a lot of people. I’ll continue to work hard and hope Hong Kong films will get better.”

With regards to the good box office taking, being the actor and investor of the film, Andy exclaimed that he’s delighted and the awards are encouragement that he did not expected but delighted the film to gain recognition. He added that most touched is the support from the audience, “I’ve heard that many people were discussing about the film in different channels, most touched is the support from the audience. Actually this is a very simple film, being not a major production, to be adored, I believed it’s due to the true feelings in the film.”

Director Ann Hui exclaimed that Andy deserved the award for doing a good deed, but Andy take such praise normally as he modestly expressed that he’s just an investor, “I’m just a person to do the head start, all the other work were done by the crew members, I only took money out from my pocket.”

As A Simple Life would be participating in Beijing Film Festival, Andy exclaimed that he had yet thought if there will be another celebration. When asked if the film will bring him more awards, he said: “Ann is a guarantee, it’s a surprise with the box office taking, very happy.” When asked if Deanie would collaborate with Wong Jing, she quipped that she would be shooting ‘Tao Jie 38B’ with him, Andy then joked: “Really? No wonder she thanked director Wong Jing, but isn’t it 33D? She really got younger.”

For the newly crowned Best Actress and 6-times Best Actress winner, Deanie expressed that she dare not eat or drink too much to celebrate as she has high cholesterol, hyperglycemia and diabetes, thus she better be careful. When asked if she’s delighted that Andy also won, she said: “The Hong Kong Film Awards to be me is a grand event, like what I said on stage, it’s like my last words, believed I won’t have the chance to go onto the stage, films are for the younger generation, elderly to win award is a hard chance to come by, I said thanks, about time to go away, time to die, hard to find back myself in the film.” When asked if she has any new film project, she revealed that she’s currently discussing with Wong Jing, but she stressed that she’s cheap labor and would not increase her asking fee with her Best Actress win, she said: “The Best Actress don’t always make money for the film, it depend on opportunities of time and topographical advantages, many things are unexpected.” When asked if she would go on a tour to reward herself, Deanie revealed that she had already bought the air tickets to see the November eclipse in Australia.

Best Director Ann Hui exclaimed that she had fully understand the meaning of winning awards, it’s like working hard for box office taking, but the box office taking of A Simple Life is already ideal, thus he would enjoy her win as it’s the recognition given to her, she said: “I don’t dare to think prior to it, now I’m satisfied.” She also revealed that she had already discuss with Andy on their next collaboration, it could be yet another collaboration with Deanie.

Meanwhile, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D director Tsui Hark sing praise that A Simple Life deserved the awards as it’s very hard to have good coordination on all side in a single film. When asked if he’s confidence to battle it out with Ann next year, Tsui Hark quipped: “I’m confidence when started shooting, must have confidence for every film, can’t wait till award ceremonies.”

Fellow Best Actor nominee Lau Ching Wan who was nominated with two films but still lose out to Andy, when interviewed in the Media Asia celebration, he said: “I’m not angry with the result, because surely there is win and lose in a contest, I’m delighted to be nominated for two films and happy for Andy’s twin happiness.”

news and photo from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Sing Pao, Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News,