A Simple Life won 5 awards at 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

The 31st Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) presentation ceremony was held on 15 April at Hong Kong Cultural Centre, nominated for 8 awards, A Simple Life showed its power as it won a total of 5 awards! The film won Best Film, Andy Lau won the Best Actor, Deanie Ip won her 6th Best Actress award with the film, Ann Hui took the Best Director, Susan Chan won Best Screenplay, thus the film becoming this year’s biggest winner. Sandra Ng exclaimed: “I just loved Andy Lau, everybody knew that, I’m a super fan of him, respected him, such an old age still can make one pregnant!”

Deanie showed off the importance of the HKFA to her as she changed a total of 3 costumes, she first walked the red carpet in a see-through dress, before changing to another costume to sing her classic song ‘Ru Guo Mei You Ni’, there is one line in the lyrics “Even giving me more, without you would sit quietly, what is the films I’ve acted and songs I’ve sang” (literally translated) as she dedicated the song to her fans, lastly she wore a gold color elegant costume to receive the Best Actress award, she delightedly said thanks to Andy and the crew members of A Simple Life.

Anthony Wong was responsible for present the Best Actress award, he exclaimed on stage that he only want to present the award to Deanie which the result does not disappoint him as she was awarded her 6th Best Actress award with A Simple Life, this was also her first Best Actress win in HKFA. She quipped that she could only win this award at the age of 60, believed it would be her “last”, she said: “It’s like I’m going to die soon, but actually this is the truth, really had to thanks Andy Lau and Ann Hui! Without them giving me the chance, I won’t be having this chance, also to Shi Nansun whom cried badly after watching the film. Many thanks to the encouragement from director Wong Jing and the audience whom loved Hong Kong films.”

The Best Director award is Ann Hui’s fourth, she exclaimed: “Delighted, maybe would not have the chance to win the award, seize this chance to thanks Hong Kong.”

Award presenter Sandra seized the chance to make fun of Andy’s wife pregnancy, she quipped: “Andy is superb and strong, such an old age still can make one pregnant, I almost went crazy thinking about it.” Fellow award presenter Carina Lau then asked Sandra what about her husband Peter Chan? Sandra pretended to be shy and replied: “Don’t talk about him, no heart and strength, hair also greyed, I’m so hot, thus I wore the skirt upside down.” Before announcing the winner, Sandra asked if she could kiss Andy if he win the award, but when she prepared to be kiss by Andy, but in the end Andy did not kiss her, it was a comical scene.

Winning the Best Actor award with A Simple Life, this is Andy’s 3rd HKFA Best Actor award, he kept hugging the friends around him before walking up the stage. Prize presenter Sandra Ng quipped that this is her third time presenting the award to Andy and asked him if “she could enter the palace”. Deanie was seen standing up to applause and congratulate Andy.

Despite his third win, Andy still appeared agitated and have teary eyes, when saying his thank-you speech, Andy said: “My fans and members of my fan club are worried that I would went home empty handed, the biggest reason behind me winning is that Hong Kong films are re-born and my contribution to Hong Kong films thus they gave me more points. Many thanks to the judging panel, director and Deanie Ip.” Compere Eric Tsang then added: “Brother, the baby bring you luck.” Andy then continued: “Actually I should took the blame for Best Editing as all those that I acted badly had been edited off.”

In addition, Andy was also the prize presenter of Best Supporting Actor to Lo Hoi Pang.

When asked if he has a high chance of winning thus he applied leave from his wife to attend the ceremony, Andy took back his smile and appeared angry to reply: “Very strange, do not know why, my matters always being connected with my family matters? I separate my work and family!” He later explained that he had given his promise to attend the ceremony last year which he did not know that he would be shooting A Simple Life.

When asked how to celebrate the win, Deanie quipped: “We’ll be eating later.” When asked if this win considered as a full circle, she quipped: “I never thought of winning, it’s a full circle, Andy said he also never thought of winning.” Whereas Andy exclaimed that he felt that it’s a full circle. When asked if he would thanks his wife, he avoided the question by saying: “Don’t talk about this.” He pointed out that he’s delighted with his win.

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