Andy to release new album on Valentine Day

Andy Lau will be releasing his latest Cantonese album on 14 February Valentine Day.

For the music video and album sleeve photographs, he was at a beach in Thailand earlier for the shooting.

A huge letters props was set up. Andy quipped that getting more tanned allow him to have more male charisma, he added that after witness the result of Hacken Lee visiting the gym, he decided that he will not be showing off his chest.

It is close to two years that Andy had released a Cantonese album, his latest Love Hope will be released on Valentine Day (next Saturday), Andy had cut short his Chinese New Year holiday to promote the album.

This will be his first album released under East Asia, the record company spend millions to go location shooting in Thailand for the album sleeves photographs and music video.

A huge LOVE HOPE wordings was set up in a deserted beach. For the photo-taking, Andy changed a total of 10 different clothes, he quipped: “They kept taking photographs and asked me to pose, change a total of 10 different sets of clothes, it’s like a fashion show on a Thai beach.”

On the day of shooting, the sun is blazing, although Andy need to climb up and down, get in and out of the water, but Andy handle it with ease whereas the crew members appeared nervous as after hours of shooting, the crew members observed that Andy’s palm and arms has two different color tones thus they asked if Andy wanted to rest and offer to shade him under the umbrella.

Andy quipped: “They treated me as if I’m the emperor, I’m not used to such treatments, I told them that I’m not afraid to be tanned. Being an idol for so many years, I’ve upgraded myself to super ‘shi li pai’, getting tanner allow me to have more male charisma.”

When asked will he be showing off his chest, Andy quipped: “Having saw how hardworking Hacken had been, I shall keep my chest under wrapped first, never expected he trained to have a broad chest, when I watch him at the Hong Kong Coliseum, I together with the audience gave out a gasp, he looked great!”

In addition, Andy will collaborate with Leonidas chocolate next Monday by releasing a Valentine Day limited edition chocolate which will raise funds for hearing and talking talking impaired children.

Andy revealed that on that day he will surely received chocolates from fans, he quipped: “This will be the one chocolate among all that will make one tasted the sweetest.”

news from: Apple Daily News, Apple Action News,