A Simple Life won 2 awards at Okinawa International Movie Festival

Internationally acclaimed film – A Simple Life gained another recognition at Okinawa International Movie Festival held on 31 March as it was awarded Peace Category Uminchu-Award Grand Prix and the judges’ special award – Golden Shisa Award.

With regards to the award win, director Ann Hui is very thankful: “I believe that if people were to understand one another, the world will have peace. Hope A Simple Life will allow more to understand the lives of the elderly, understand their requirements. Once again thanks everybody’s support.”

When told of the wins, Andy Lau expressed: “What’s most delighting is: The message of love, really could moved everybody around the whole world.”

Meanwhile, Deanie Ip sing praise of Andy and director Ann: “Although not sure what the judges has to say about A Simple Life, but winning an award at Okinawa International Movie Festival, being part of A Simple Life, very honor to win the awards. Believed we should have moved people in some ways! A real life story was mostly based on a famous person. A Simple Life made used of elderly as theme which many doesn’t think much about it. it truly show how daring and how high their arts level of the director and investor!”

In addition, Deanie whom had won numerous Best Actress award with A Simple Life, was awarded “Influence the world Chinese” award at the PhoenixTV’s You Bring Charm to the World award ceremony held at Beijing two nights ago. Deanie expressed: “I played many small characters in films, but their stories always touched the audience, thus to be there are no small characters, everybody has his/her own influential power.” She feel honored to be cast in A Simple Life, “I’ve reached the twilight stage of my life, thus I encounter such a hard to come by role in A Simple Life, act out her touching story, allowing me to win my first Best Actress award, collecting another one today, really too honored.”

news and photo from: Ta Kung Pao, Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Tao, Ming Pao