Andy’s plans for daughter exposed!

Andy Lau will soon become a father and wanted full protection for his family. He initially had plans to move his wife Carol Zhu Liqian out of his Kadoorie Hill apartment and leaves Hong Kong, he has a change of mind in the end, making use the theory of “the most dangerous place is the safest place”, he let words out that he’s shifting, but instead is moving to a new apartment just 5 minutes away from his current apartment which cost him $80 million renminbi, Carol recently had another bungalow in Malaysia from Andy.

It is reported that Carol has at least 10 properties under her name. Andy who always focus all his time in work, his finances was handled by Carol, thus all Andy’s properties in Malaysia is under her name.

For the future of his daughter, Andy already has his plans. He initially plan to wait till his daughter grew up then would relocate himself and his wife to Malaysia to prevent paparazzi to disturb his daughter in school. However, Andy also has a rather high popularity in Malaysia, after much consideration, decided to sent his daughter to Edmonton,Canada for school. Andy’s elder sister had already migrated there, thus he has properties there, his beloved daughter can be taken care by family members, with few Chinese there, disturbance from the media can be prevented.

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