Andy has no plans for A Simple Life prequel

Andy Lau and Deanie Ip’s A Simple Life had collected close to HK$20 million ($19,613,008) after 14 days of screening in Hong Kong. A celebration was held on 22 March.

Andy was delighted with the box office taking as he said thanks to the accommodation of the media and all parties, giving good reviews to the films allowing him to find cinemas to screen the film, however this will not give him more confidence in future investment even as this film does not make money as he would only continue to work on his own directions. He said: “No matter how things developed, must have a direction, as it’s very important.”

With regards to whether to shoot a prequel of A Simple Life, Andy said: “Never thought of it, not sure if the director had thought of it? Stop when it’s good? The second time might not work. With regards to my expectation of the box office taking, before screening I expected $12 million, I was greedy and hope for $20 million when started screening, but now it’s almost that figure, I’m already very satisfied.”

When talked about Kelly Chen’s newborn “dragon boy”, Andy send his congratulation. When continued being asked if his upcoming break is his preparation to be a father, he gave his usual answer: “OK la, everything is arranged. How I feel, normal. (Still reach that stage?) That’s enough.”

With regards to good box office taking of A Simple Life, Deanie quipped that Andy need not lose money and thanked so many people watched the film. She feel happy for Hong Kong films as previously only action films are popular, but glad that A Simple Life has such result, or maybe the audience are starved from such kind of films for too long, this also shows that Andy has good sight in investment. With regards if she’s confident to win her 6th Best Actress award of the film, she gave a modest answer: “Everybody stand an equal chance. (Will you next celebration is to celebrate a new god-grandson?) Andy does not like to talk about this, will not talk about this.”

When talked about celebrating the box office taking, she quipped that she drank two teaspoons of Brandy. When asked if she would accept the offer to be cast in A Simple Life prequel, she said: “Could do, but for the Tao Jie character, the older age version would be OK, but for the younger age version, better to look for another actress.”

news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Sing Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Headline Daily, Apple Daily News, Macao Daily