Andy prepared to invest 20-25 million in films each year

It was indeed “double happiness” for Andy Lau two nights ago, other than winning the online voting My Favorite Actor award, in addition he also was also one of the award winner at the 2011 Leader of the Year presentation ceremony, it is to commend his outstanding contribution and success in the past year. Other winners from the showbiz includes director Ann Hui and TVB CEO Norman Leung.

Andy said on the stage that this award is an encouragement, because he ran into difficulties with his film company ran in debt of 200 million twenty years ago, he exclaimed he’s not good in managing finances, he did not expect the success of A Simple Life.

When asked of his feeling winning the award, he quipped that he’s delighted that he could win the award together with Ann, he said: “Everybody was worried of the development of Hong Kong films, different directors doing their best at different locations, Ann remained in Hong Kong, I can relax with her leading the way.” When asked which area does he display leadership, Andy exclaimed that it’s films, he said that everybody could approach him if needed help. When asked if he was the master of his family, he quipped that he would not discuss about family matters.

Andy also revealed that all along people were knocking on his door with scripts, not that he accepted all, he also need to look at the production, his company has estimated to invest between 20-25 million in films, if it’s a 8-10 million budget film, it can only shoot 1-2 films, if not high budget could shoot 6 films.

When asked what is the requirement of being a leader? He feel that it’s not his individual strength, take his Focus First Cuts as example, it’s with the help of several veteran filmmakers, he’s only responsible for giving the green light. He said: “As a leader, it’s not that I’m smart but the people under me are smart, so it’s not leader but rather leaders.” Investing films for so many years, he always encounter problems. He said: “Winning award is a good timing, 10 years ago my film company got into a lawsuit and need to compensate 200 million, the success of A Simple Life is a big encouragement to me. I’m also feel happy for Ann.” Andy quipped that he’s always calculative when investing films, but always made the wrong calculation. He never expected the good result of A Simple Life, but this time round it’s wrong in wrong.

news and photos from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao