Andy and Sammi Cheng to collaborate in new film – Blind Detective

In the afternoon of 19 March 2012, Media Asia Group held a press conference – Media Asia Presentation 2012 for its upcoming film projects at Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) as the company introduced it’s new films in the year 2012 which includes Love In The Buff, The Guillotines, Blind Detective, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains and Racer. Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Shawn Yue and several other artistes, directors Peter Chan, Andrew Lau, Pang Ho-cheung and many other directors, and Media Asia chairman Peter Lam attended the event.

The silver screen classic couple Andy and Sammi will collaborate again in Johnnie To’s Blind Dectective as some shootings of the film were broadcast during the event. Despite Andy’s character is blind in the film, but he still have a gun firing scene which injured Sammi in the film, she sing praise of him: “Indeed my idol, despite blind still can hit me.”

With regards to their collaboration, Andy quipped: “We didn’t collaborate that much, before Blind Detective, there are only 3 films Needing you, Love On A Diet and Yesterday Once More but it gave people an impression that we collaborated many times, this shows that “it’s really love”.” He modestly expressed that this collaboration is different from the previous times, “In the past I’m responsible for fighting and she’s responsible for acting, now I’ve improved, so I’m responsible for acting while she’s responsible for fighting.” Similarly Sammi gave a modest reply: “I’m a follower of him in the film, more or less the same in real life.”

With regards to the “blind detective” character, the experienced Andy expressed that it has some difficulties because “Being blind but can’t wear sunglasses, when the director feel that my eyes looked like able to see things, the scene need to be re-shoot.”

Sammi also revealed that she would have many action scenes in Blind Detective and Andy is her private martial arts trainer! Sammi said: “We will reserve our comical feel, but the details cannot be reveal now. I feel that Andy has high difficulties in this blind role as he need to go for lesson is school for the blind, I don’t have the confidence to do well, whereas I have confidence in the action scenes as Andy personally demo to me, it’s like having a personal martial arts trainer.”

With regards to reports that his wife is currently staying in a Penthouse, Andy refused to answer the question as he did not read the report, when further question on if he had already name his daughter “Yun Shan” under the advise of an abbot, he expressed that he would not talked about family matters.

Andy then revealed that one-third of the shooting of Blind Detective had been completed, when reporters asked if it will affect his timing of accompanying his pregnant wife, Andy refused to answer as Sammi came out aiding him by requesting the reporters to ask her when she will be having a baby. When reporters asked her when she will have baby, she quipped: “I think you better ask Andy!”

Other than Blind Detective, Andy would have another treasure hunting film – Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains to meet the audience at the end of the year, he will evolve between beauties Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu, the film has location shooting in four different countries including Dubai, it’s a major Hollywood styled production between Chinese and American directors. A 90 seconds of the film trailer was broadcast at the event where it’s trendy and elegant charisma stunned the media and film distributors from all around the world as they exclaimed: “Indeed Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is an international major production, has the looks of Mission Impossible, anticipated this super film for the year of 2012.”

Director of the film Sun Jianjun brought along Andy and Zhang Jingchu to promote the film. Andy expressed that Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is the most important film in year 2012, hope everybody will support the film, director Sun revealed that the film was invested with $1.2 billion, the post production has been successful, the audience will be able to see a world class Chinese fashionable action film which perfectly fit the description “Chinese film, internationally made”.

Andy revealed that he had waited for the upright hero character in the film for many years, he exclaimed that there are many action scenes in the film which will not disappoint the audience. Recalling the shooting, Andy expressed: “Delighted to be accompanied by beauties everyday during shooting, but also very dangerous.” The dangerous scenes includes car racing on desert, Andy need to carry Lin Chiling and sat in a speeding car drove by Zhang Jingchu in the desert, if the steering wheel is not control well in the desert might result the car to overturn, thus the daredevil Zhang Jingchu kept flooring the accelerator even before the door of the car was closed, she then found out that half of Andy’s body is outside the car.

Zhang Jingchu explained: “Maybe in-experienced in shooting action films, or maybe woman does not have much mechanical knowledge, but still fine as we completed the scene safely, just scares and no danger.” When talked about the character, Zhang Jingchu expressed: “I’m a special agent in the film, not as pretty as Chiling, but there are some cool and Arabian dressing.”

The film is based on the chase for the famous drawing – Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, the director of the film Sun Jianjun presented a replica of the painting to Peter Lam at the event.

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