Alleged that Andy to apply for PR of Malaysia

Andy Lau is always concern on his privacy, it was alleged that to prevent his little dragon girl to be disturbed by the media, he planned to make his daughter a Malaysian permanent resident as she could grow up in a quiet environment. Although the Malaysia government expressed that they had yet received Andy’s application but they welcome him due to his popularity, his migration to Malaysia will boost the international image of the country.

It’s reported that Andy’s wife is expected to give birth in May, Carol Zhu Liqian had caught the attention of reporters, since news of her pregnancy, it makes Andy worried that his daughter would suffer the same fate. Being the adoring father and ‘Malaysia’s son-in-law’, it’s alleged that he had checked with friends in Malaysia on how to apply for permanent residency in Malaysia, there’s a possibility that his daughter will grow up and stay in Malaysia which is a more safe and private environment, it would also ease him traveling between Hong Kong and Malaysia.

When rectify the matter with Andy, it has no reply from him. When rectify with the Malaysia government, Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam expressed that Andy is a celebrity, migrating to the country would enhance the country’s international image. However, he stressed that currently he did not receive his application, if he is to apply for PR, he would have to follow other in the normal application procedures. He added, other than applying for PR with marriage, with Andy’s special identity, he could renew his Resident Pass every 5 years.

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News