Andy publish a book on his experience of shooting A Simple Life

During the shooting of A Simple Life, Andy Lau wrote a diary and it become a new book titled My 30 Working Days. On 5 March 2012, he was interviewed and he expressed that normally he has an habit to record down his feelings and emotions. Earlier, he also invited 60 writers born after 80s to write a book about him, however it failed to nurture.

The book – My 30 Working Days: A Simple Life Shooting Diary is currently the only book self written by Andy, it includes 30 personal diary entries, the feelings of the films production team and lots of photos from the film.

Andy said that these 30 diary entries were initially to be shared with Andy World Club family members on his personal blog, but it became a book in the end which is not he had intended, “It’s just like Tao Jie, as you desire but adore by all.” Andy specially stress that he did not write this book specially for the film. “What I wrote is no different to all who write blogs, I never thought of publishing it, or as a promotion for this film. Actually it’s very simple, I just wanted to record down what I encountered in the 30 days of shooting this film, which includes feelings for the film, and the influence of this film to my feelings and emotion.”

Talking about writing, Andy exclaimed that he had a habit of writing diary. He said: “When young, I will record with a sound recorder, when there’s Internet, I rather like to write a short entry. However in my annual fan gathering, I will write a long entry, just like a letter, writing down my feelings for them of that year, how I wish them to be, I love the feeling of writing letters.” Andy said that he thought of writing a novel, but he wrote more musical scripts, he said: “During the 5-6 years in acting classes, I wrote a lot of musical scripts.”

Everybody will be wondering why Andy has so much time, arranged time properly in between singing, acting and investing in films. Andy said that he would like to write book about time management, telling everybody how to distribute time well. He said: “I find it strange that a lot of people find time is not enough, whereas I feel there a lot of time. Take for example normally I need to sing, listen to many songs and shoot many films, I had watch all the TV dramas when you name them, so if you can manage your time well, you can do a lot of things.”

Andy revealed that not long ago he invited 60 writers born after 80s to have a chat with him and publish a book. “I feel that it will be a special book, 60 writers to write their feelings after chatting with Andy Lau. I say the same words, 50-60 people will have different understanding, if they can write it out, it will be a specially good book.”

Andy said: “I told them those words that I don’t dare say to the media, I even lose my temper, slammed the door and left for 30 minutes. I wanted to know what they were thinking in those 30 minutes, what they would be scolding me, but it’s still good words from them.”

For this creative book, it was “destroyed” by Andy in the end, the reason being these writers wrote him till to perfect which is no different to media reports, “I wish to know the different outlook of me from everybody.”

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