Andy’s reply to bodyguards protecting his wife: We live happily and blissfully

A charity premiere of A Simple Life was held at Wanchai on 8 March 2012, Deanie Ip, Andy Lau, Ann Hui, Qin Hailu and Zhang Tongzhu attended.

Andy exclaimed that he’s not worried about the box office collection, he just found out that he could checked the status of ticket sale online, he expressed: “I just checked tomorrow’s ticket sales with the promotional crew, they told me that our tickets sale does not lose out to Western films, I told them that we had no choice and had to battle with them, I hope that we can do better than them.”

With regards to whether he will bring his wife to watch the film, Andy pointed out: “I never thought it.” When asked if it’s not convenience to bring her out, he quipped: “It used to be very convenience.”

When talked about earlier magazine photographed his wife going out accompanied by bodyguards, Andy replied: “We’re doing very well, we live happily and blissfully, thanks everybody concern.”

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