7-months pregnant Carol spotted!

Andy Lau who announced his wife’s pregnancy on his official website in November 2011, in order to prevent his wife Carol Zhu Liqian from being distributed by the media, he had tried all methods like moved houses, changed cars and doctors, low profile Carol seems to disappear into the air since she got pregnant. However, on 5 March, Next Magazine managed to spot Carol who was accompanied by two bodyguards, shopping in North Point Market, surprisingly she did not wear any mark to hide her makeup-less face, she looked fresh as she wore a long scraf round her neck which hardly cover her 7-months pregnant tummy.

According to the magazine, Carol was spotted in a 7-seater vehicle with a new number plate at North Point Market, the bodyguards escorted her off the vehicle while the nanny accompanied her to buy some finger food, as it was the time when housewives shopped for grocery thus nobody spotted the presence of her. When bodyguard spotted someone talking on the phone, he thought that the other party was trying to take photograph and block the person’s view from Carol with his body until the person finished chatting on the phone.

After shopping of her groceries, when she prepared to leave in the vehicle, the bodyguard stopped the on rushing reporters from taking any photographs: “Enough photographs! Just buying something, no need photograph.” It happened that police patrolled the area, the bodyguard then let go of the reporter. In between, Carol appeared steady as she hold onto her huge tummy. It seems that its more than 6 months pregnant.

news and photo from: ent.QQ.com, Apple Daily News, China Times, Liberty Times