Andy show off his private jet plane

Andy Lau is currently doing his concert tour in Mainland China, in order to complete his concerts swiftly, he had no choice but to rent a private jet plane to fly him around the cities of his concerts.

Recently, he revealed photographs of himself inside the private jet plane in his blog, the plane is not only elegant but there are also pretty air stewardess doing the “V” hand signal, smiling and greet netizens.

Andy said: “During concert tour, I’ve no choice but to rent a private jet plane in order for me to reach my next stop in the quickest time. It’s a huge difference in weather for my seventh stop – Yantai, it’s warm in the morning but the temperature dropped in the night, luckily I have a bunch of caring and supportive crew members as they done all the preparation for me. In the cold rehearsal venue, everyone gave me surrounded giving me warmth, a pair of gloves become useful as it really can protect my hand that’s holding the microphone from frozen. Every serious rehearsal allows me to gain confidence in my performance, then I return to my hotel room to quiet down, hum the songs I prepared, you can see how concentrated am I. ”

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