Andy: Will cut my losses from another big boss in my next film

On 6 March, A Simple Life premiere was held in Shanghai whereby director Ann Hui brought main cast Andy Lau and Deanie Ip in attendance. Other than the male lead, Andy is also one of the investor for the film, when talked about his experience in investing films, he quipped: “Normally I don’t lose the money that I’ve invested, what I lost is my acting fees, thus if I suffered losses, I will get it back from a big boss in my next film.” In addition, Andy also revealed that he was misunderstood several times when he first entered showbiz, like him helping to move the reflective board when shooting Ann Hui’s Boat People, he was mistaken as a crew trying to steal and got scolded.

The cinemas are always worried that art films does not do well in box office, but before A Simple Life got screened, the premiere tickets in Shanghai got sold out within a short time. Thus, media forecast the film will earn more than a billion in box office taking, with regards to this, Andy expressed: “This film had already gained a lot for us, if it has a good box office taking, I only hope that it will help director Ann Hui, hope more people will invest in her films and not so difficult as in the past, I’ve earned enough from this film!” When asked how he would say thanks if the film earned more than a billion, he quipped: “Treat everyone to a meal.”

Andy revealed that liking the script is not the reason for him to invest in this film, whereas it’s a 10-years agreement, “As early as 2001 I have told Ann Hui, when you wanted to shoot a film, no matter what are you shooting, approached me, I’ll give you $10 if you ask for $10, give $50 if ask for $50, then I waited for 10 years…until 2011 then she approached me, I told her that since I made that promise, then you go on shooting, then I knew it’s A Simple Life, then I found out that she approached Deanie Ip, I told her to cast me in the film, this is the whole story.”

Francis Ng’s Feng Kuang De Chun Zei which also screened in cinema in March, when talked about competing with Andy, Francis exclaimed: “His film opens in cinema on Women’s Day, his audience is different from mine.” With regards to the remark, Andy expressed that each film has its own space, whereas Ann Hui added: “Opening on Women’s Day, women will bring their husbands and sons to watch the film, furthermore the male will cry more than female.”

In the film, the young master Roger played by Andy was mistaken as an air-con repairman, he revealed that he had numerous misunderstood experiences when he first entered showbiz, when shooting Ann Hui’s Boat People in Haikou, being a newcomer, he saw the reflective board at the set and thought of moving it to the side, but he instead got scolded because the other party thought that he was trying to steal it. According to Ann, when shooting in the nursing home, the elderly only recognize Paul Chun and not Andy, with regards to that, Andy quipped: “Lucky they don’t recognize me, it’ll be bad if these 70-80 years old elderly knows me.”

During the shooting of the film, Andy wrote a diary – My 30 Working Days which will be released soon, at the Beijing premiere, some praised him as Arty youth. With regards to this nickname, he quipped: “Yesterday didn’t said that Lei Feng is arty youth, I don’t quite understand the meaning of this nickname, these are just high praise for me.”

All along, the films that Andy invested had strong art feel, when asked if he tends towards that direction, he said: “Actually I like theme from the society, since schooling the scripts that I contacted are related to society lifestyle, hope to feel such stories.” When talked about losing money in his investments, he quipped: “Normally I don’t lose the money that I’ve invested, what I lost is my acting fees, thus if I suffered losses, I will get it back from a big boss in my next film.”

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