Andy: I will depend on women throughout my life

5 March 2012, the film A Simple Life press conference cum premiere was held in Beijing, Andy Lau revealed that his mother once draw a stick from the temple for him and it’s said that he would depended on women all his life, from the current look, it seems that way.

In 1982, Ann Hui cast Andy in her film – Boat People upon seeing the potential in him, that film allowed the audience to familiarize him who had just entered showbiz. Many years later, he collaborated with her again in A Simple Life which allowed him to win the Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor award again. When talked about Ann, Andy quipped she has a transformation process of “seeing mountain is mountain, seeing mountain is not mountain, seeing mountain is mountain again”, in the past Ann was open in her films as she could listen to all opinions, but then she refused to listen to anybody. During the shooting of A Simple Life, she changed back to when she’s shooting her first film, she listen to everything. Andy said that actually his performance is also like that, at the beginning listen to everybody’s opinion, to “why you want to comment about me” to “anything you want”.

A mischievous Andy quipped that he has affinity with women, his first TV drama Till We Meet Again was a female director, his mother then went to the temple to draw stick: “The stick said that I would depend on women all my life, indeed, most of the chances given to me were by women.” Andy said.

Deanie Ip talked about her private life: she woke up at 4am, go out for a walk, eat breakfast, do some house cores, followed by lunch, continues with house cores, sleep early at night. She also does not think that winning the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival would help her win some film offers, she quipped: “I’m not Andy, I’m not a box office person.” In addition, Deanie does not have any feelings to awards, the award she won at Venice was placed at her home to hang hats, to her it’s making it to good use.

Deanie does not have any thinking when accepting film offers, however it’s her “god-son” Andy managed to find a good script. On the way, Andy said that he was thinking that actually they could shoot a comedy film about Mona Fong, making use of her to bring out the stories of Hong Kong. “It will be like Forrest Gump!” Andy said excitedly. Looking at Deanie, Andy said that he think she could fit the role.

Wang Fuli was Andy’s mother in the film, she said that the first time that she saw Andy was on the crew bus, Andy’s first words to her was addressing her mother, this word immediately dissolve the pressure she had for the film. Andy then replied that this word was rather powerful as Wong replied that he did quite well in Battle of Wits, but found a wrong person to dub, thus missed the nomination.

In A Simple Life, Andy’s character does not care much about dressing as he was mistaken as an air-con repairman. With regards to this, Andy said that he indeed encounter such things in life. When shooting Boat People, he just got graduated from the actor training classes, the teacher told them, what you can help the crew please offer help, thus when Andy spotted a reflective board left untouched, he took the initiative to move it, however the crew member scolded him: “Please don’t touch our things! Who are you? Go out!”

When interviewed, Andy said that when he decided to invest in A Simple Life, he has full confidence and trust in Ann Hui, with the current good feedback of the film, he feel that it should be that way, however he does not wish to make any prediction on the box office taking. With the recognition of some many awards won by the film, Andy feel that it comes from director Ann Hui’s hardwork and luck.

Most of the films that Andy invested were artistic films, he stress that art films does not need huge investment and less pressurize. When being referred as “art youth”, he revealed modern dance is another art that he loves. He revealed that he wanted to perform modern dance during this year’s Hong Kong Art Festival, but he gave up after practicing for two weeks and his standard is too far off. He feel that if he can’t reach his own standard, it’s better not to perform for others to see.

In the film, Andy did not accompany Tao Jie till her last days. With regards to this, Andy said that actually this is life. Many crew members around him, at the time when their family members passed away, they were accompanying him for meals. It’s also the same for Andy. When Anita Mui passed away, he was in America. When Anita still could talk, he telephoned her telling her that he will be back the next day. When Andy made his trip back, Anita could not talk anymore. Andy said that this is reality.

When talked about performance, Andy said that he had watch Qin Hailu’s performance in the musical The Yellow Storm, he feel that she did extremely well on the stage, if have the chance, he also wanted to try out musical. In addition, he hope he could act in a film similar to Descendants.

news and photos from:, Ming Pao