Andy’s VIP concert tickets auctioned off for rebuilding fund of school

Andy Lau Chongqing concert ticket charity auction was held at Jiang Bei’s New World Department Store yesterday. The organizer of the concert auction 4 VIP tickets as the total ¥19200 earned will be donated to rebuilding funds of Liangping County’s Yingli Yucai Primary School.

At the auction, reporter spotted 29 people participated in the auction. In the end, the four ¥1888 original priced tickets were auctioned off at ¥5000, ¥5100, ¥4100 and ¥5000 respectively, the tickets were auctioned off at a total price of ¥19200.


The concert will be held next Monday at Chongqing Olympic Center, in order to get the best effect, the reporter understand the security for the concert will be very strict as 6 police dogs will be used for the first time to guard the entrance of the concert to prevent any accident. With Andy’s high popularity, security and maintaining orderly is the most concerned. The total number 3000 security guards deployed will be a record for Chongqing concerts.

In addition, the organizer had reminded fans to bring the complete concert ticket which include the ticket cover and ID card, if not the ticket will be considered as invalid.

news from:, Chongqing Evening Daily