Andy offered his thigh as “chair” for granny

A Simple Life, a collaboration between Andy Lau, Deanie Ip and director Ann Hui held its premiere two nights ago in Central to raise funds for Hong Kong Stroke Fund. Being a heavenly king, Andy attracted Ada Choi with husband Zhang Jin, Fala Chen, Law Lan, Gong Xuehua and large group of fans to support him, even the 80 years old Granny Kwan who cameo in the film went onstage to hug him and refuse to let go. In between, the granny could not within the standing, despite wearing a western suit, Andy kneel down and bend his legs allowing the granny to sit on his thigh, later he also help special guest Sir David Akers-Jones off the stage, showing off the care for elderly theme of the film.

The film made its first appearance in Venice Film Festival in September 2011, it finally screened in Hong Kong after several months, Deanie expressed that she had waited a long time, however Andy said: “I don’t feel it too long, it’s like each day passed after Venice Film Festival, in the beginning will feel that it to be screened after a long time, looking back now, time past so fast.”

Father-to-be Andy had earlier planned to stop work and accompanied his wife, but he had yet confirmed his holiday period. Andy said: “I still have to shoot Blind Detective directed by Johnnie To, however not sure when to start shooting.” When asked if he’s worried that the shooting will clash with his wife’s delivery, he answered: “Unsure, don’t care about it at this moment.” When asked if he would scheduled to accommodate his wife, Andy expressed that work is more important as contract is signed if not will incurred lawsuit.

Andy who had confirm attending the Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony on 15 April with Deanie, when asked if they are confidence of winning the Best Actor and Actress awards, both replied that they have equal chances, it’s a good sign that the film has many nominations. Andy said: “I think I stand an equal chance, it’s a fair game, everybody stand the same chance.” Andy exclaimed that he had take note of the two films that Lau Ching Wan was nominated with, he quipped: “I’ve watch those two films, he won the award with the same situation last time round, thus I feel some danger from him.”

Deanie who recently won the Best Actress award in the recent Hong Kong Film Critics Society, she happily expressed: “Many thanks to boss Andy and will ask him out for meals.” Andy hope that the film winning so many awards could boost the box office takings.

With regards to reports that Andy bought a huge bungalow in Malaysia for his wife, he expressed: “I didn’t read and does not wish to read the reports, with regards to the reliability of the report, you should go and ask the person who wrote it, he seems to be more clearer of the issue than me.” And her taking Chinese medicine, Andy said: “We shall not discuss about these, be obedient!” With regards to his wife being followed by paparazzi, he does not mind as he said: “They’re doing their job!”

To avoid further questions on his family, Andy hide behind Deanie’s back and she came to his rescue, when asked if she had prepared any present for the baby, she said: “Yes!” She also added the elderly need not worry of the current generation babies. She revealed that she will go to universities to spread messages and promote the film in Mainland China.

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Macao Daily,