Andy loves to mop at home

Andy Lau and Deanie Ip’s A Simple Life will be screened in Taiwan cinemas on 9 March, both of them talked about their relationship with family members when interviewed in Hong Kong yesterday. After completing the shooting of his 2 films on hand, he would accompany his wife till give birth, it’s same as the scenario in the film “whether you think or love her, must accompany by her side, together with her even it’s a mere 3 seconds, it’ll do if you contribute completely”, he also reveal he loves to do family cores, he loved to mop the floor.

The father-to-be is in luck as he won the Best Actor in Golden Horse Film Awards with A Simple Life and could get the chance to win the Best Actor award in upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards, when asked of his chances to win again, he said: “I’m lucky every year, with regards to winning awards, if win will win, this is not important to me.” Is family more important to him? He pointed out that “both is important”, he pointed out it’s not divided equally, he never calculated the percentage.

When asked about him being a father-to-be using the sexy photo of Lin Chiling to comfort the crying boy during shooting of A Simple Life, is it because he’s going to collaborate with her thus used her photo? Andy explained that he does not know how to handle kids, and pointed out that he “does not know about it at that time”. When asked that he does not know about he’s going to be a father, he clarify he meant that he does not know about the collaboration with Lin Chiling at that time.

So did god-mother Deanie gave him tips on how to teach children, she quipped: “Nope, please don’t ask about this.”

It is alleged that after completing the shooting of Johnnie To’s film, he would stay at home to accompany his wife, with the film being delay does it disrupt his planning and affect his life? He said: “It’s the same as life, can’t make sure of catching hold of time.”

With the expected arrival of his daughter in June, he still avoid talking about his feeling of becoming a father, he reminded that most of his fans know about this, he said: “It’s my life” When joked that both the reporter and him are both fathers, Andy joked that he wanted to hit someone. When congratulating him, he’s full of smile and in return replying: “I know that, I know.”

In addition, different from his character in the film, he loved to do family core in private as he revealed his his “My 30 Working Days: Shooting of A Simple Life diary” book, he said: “Everyone would thought that I seldom do family cores, thus when I need to mop the floor in the film, the crew members were giving a surprise!” He expressed that he always did family cores when he’s young, his family did not hire a maid till he’s 35 years old.

Meanwhile, director Ann Hui was interviewed by i-CABLE’s Star Chatroom, she once again thanked Andy for providing financial support and acted in A Simple Life, she expressed that his win in Golden Horse Film Award is his “returns for good deeds”. She said: “Roger is not an exciting character, very plain, those who knew how to watch a film will know his good performance. If he is to win another Best Actor award, I take my hats off to the judging panel.”

It was pointed out that Andy invested in the film is to thanks Ann for nurturing him in the past, Ann does not agrees, “I approached him is to accommodate the character, he’s like a living James Dean.”

news and photo from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao