Andy will cut down workload for baby

As A Simple Life will be screened next month, Andy Lau and Deanie Ip was interviewed by Albert of i-CABLE’s Star Chatroom.

Albert congratulate father-to-be Andy as he unable to hide his excitement and expressed: “I will try my best to welcome the new born and my new identity.” In order to spend more time on his family, Andy exclaimed that he will cut down his work load. Deanie then quoted that his god son will be a doting father, and she’s anticipating the new born. When asked if she’s expecting a grand son or grand daughter, Deanie expressed that most importantly the baby must be healthy.

When talked about the shooting of A Simple Life, Andy thanked director Ann Hui being open as she allowed them freedom to act thus they are able to add on several comical dialogue as more sparkles among actors. Andy pointed out that initially he does not intend to support Ann but his first film Boat People was directed by her, he would not be him today without her. After reading the script, he feel that Deanie should take up the role of Tao Jie, but he did not suggest her, unexpectedly Ann really suggest Deanie for the role, he then recommend himself to take up the role of Roger, he quipped: “I acted very modest and asked her if she mind I take up the Roger role.”

Andy sing praise of Deanie: “She can be very concentrated in doing things, for example she wanted to learn tap dancing, she would go and learn, I think few people in Hong Kong can do better than her, but she feel that she did not dance well, she just registered her to clases.”

news and photo from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Liberty Times, Macao Daily, Ming Pao