Andy prepared to lose money for A Simple Life

A Simple Life which starred Andy Lau and Deanie Ip had won numerous awards in film award ceremonies, Deanie won the Best Actress award at Venice Film Festival, Golden Horse Film Award, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Hong Kong Film Critics Society and Asian Film Awards. Meanwhile Andy won the Best Actor award at the Golden Horse Film Awards. The film is finally to be screened in Hong Kong, being of the investor, Andy explained that there is a certain difficulty for an art film to be screened as it’s hard to get a slot in cinemas, he quipped: “Hope that I don’t lose so much money.”

A Simple Life had done so much overseas, naturally its box office will be catching attention, Deanie hope that Andy would not lose too much money, Andy then gave a fast reply: “I estimated to lose 2 millions, now expected to lose 1 million! It’s just my acting fees, not much. This film is beneficial for life, within my ability, I hope that Hong Kong will keep having its own art film, I’ll invest one each year.” He feel that art films might not be losing money business, with the exception of Made in Hong Kong and The Longest Summer, many movie channels broadcast the film these few years, thus could collect copyright, can considered kept earning money, shooting a good film need not care about the return. With regards to whether he would invite another collaboration with Ann Hui, Andy said: “She already had another script which someone had invested, we currently do have any collaboration planning. If she wanted to shoot a large scale film, I might not be able to support, because mine is an independent company, 1-2 films per year would be OK, can’t manage if too many films.”

A Simple Life could not hit the cinemas with talking points, Andy explained that this is the difficulties of art films, “I wish it to be screened in normal slots, but many cinemas does not dare to screen the film on good slots, if we forced the film to be screened earlier, maybe we only get 10 halls to screen the film, thus the delay till now.” He quipped that after winning awards, the film can negotiate with cinemas on the screening dates. A Simple Life which has 8 nominations in the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards, when asked if the film will compete in more film festivals, he explained: “This is beyond my control, might not participate in all awards, must be selected to gain the rights.” He feel that the current slot is best for the film to be screened, if screened earlier would have pressure on the box office.

Deanie was asked if she accepted to be cast in this film because of Andy, she said that she accepted due to the script and character, of course Andy’s enthusiasm also touched her. When asked if after her win in Venice Film Festival, more films being offered to her? She answered: “Just one or two films, but yet make decision, did I add my asking fees? Yes, just $1-2 more!”

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po,