Andy made used of Lin Chiling photo to stop baby boy from crying

Although Andy Lau had yet promoted to be a father, but with so many nieces and nephews in his family, he has his own way of handling kids. During the shooting of a family gathering in A Simple Life, the crew members ran into trouble when a one-year-old boy whom just could not stop crying, even the boy’s mother and director Ann Hui kissing and hugging could not stop him from crying. In the end, Andy show off his “powers” as he whisper to the boy’s ear, “I can’t stop work if you don’t stop crying!” and he successfully stop the boy from crying.

For the scene which narrates the family gathering of Tao Jie (Deanie Ip) and Roger (Andy), the most eye catching is not Andy nor Deanie but the one-year-old actor. The father of the boy in the film, Jason Chan did tried to carry him to communicate with him, however when during positioning, the baby started to cry, his mother then cried carrying him and he stopped crying.

In order to shoot the happy family gathering, the crew members tried all sort of methods in terms of carrying and kissing the boy but he just would not stop crying as he would cry whenever need to get into position. On seeing everybody at their wits end, Andy decided to try as he mischievously took a photograph of Lin Chiling, one hand pointing at her breasts and ask the baby boy to pick one, on seeing Andy’s action, the boy stopped crying and looked at Andy as he wanted to talk to Andy who tell the boy in a soft manner: “You don’t cry then we can stop work!”

The baby boy seems to understand what Andy was saying and smiled, director Ann Hui immediately get the camera rolling to completed the happy scene which took 3 hours to complete. When the director shouted OK to end shooting, Andy then sing praise of the baby boy: “You’re very good!”

With the baby boy in front of him, with regards to how current parents treat their babies, Andy said: “I loved children, but I feel that current parents only know how to spoil their children instead of teaching them, although I’m not a parent but I just could not stand the sight of my friends spoiling their children. For example, children crying is normal, they would stop crying when they had cried enough, but when they throw their tantrum, don’t fall into their trap, then you would not be spoiling them, but this is the mistake that current parents are making.”

news and photo from: Hong Kong Daily, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Macao Daily