Andy shook the whole of Yantai

“Wah zai, Wah zai we love you!”. On the night of 18 April, Andy Lau staged his concert at Yantai Sport Centre Stadium, this close to 50-years-old mystery man used his secret charisma to shaken the whole city.

On the way to the stadium, the taxi driver said: “How old is this Andy Lau, how many people are going to watch his concert, is this the first time this Hong Kong come to Yantai? I heard that when he come to Yantai for concert, taxis from 5 areas of the city all came to here, together with private cars and public transport, thousands of cars are here.” Throughout the few 10 minutes of drive to the stadium, the taxi driver kept talking about Andy.

The concert scheduled to start at 8pm but audience started to enter the stadium at 7pm to find a good seat. The cold wind of Yantai could not stop the heatwave of the crowd as even before Andy reach the stadium, the audience has already started screaming and making noises. There was no empty seats as cheers of “wah zai, wah zai, we love you” kept sounding.

Andy opened the concert with ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, the exciting opening dances and Andy’s singing won the recognition of the audience. In the following songs, the audience managed to sing along to every song. Andy then remove his outer wear and greet the Yantai fans. In 2007, Andy was unable to stage a concert in Yantai, after 1.5 years, he could finally stand before the Yantai fans. In the low temperature, Andy did not disappoint the fans as he said: “Letting all of you to wait for me for so long, I finally came, no matter how cold it was, for your enthusiasm, I’ll still strip for you.”

Being “adored by millions in Chinese showbiz”, Andy’s fans ranged from small kids to aged mothers. Andy occasionally crack jokes and cheer up the fans, their enthusiasm never dropped.

Being a heavenly king superstar, Andy is full of concert and performance experience. Similar to Changsha, Andy increase the fans enthusiasm by instructing the fans to play the “passing message with sound wave” game as he brought the atmosphere of the concert to new heights. The fans kept shouting out his name, the enthusiasm reach boiling point, almost reaching the stage of craziness. In between Andy also instruct the fans to sing along, he also ask males to stand up to sing the song for the females. When the music of ‘Bing Yu’ sounds, the audience went into a crazy ocean as all males as instructed by Andy to sing ‘Bing Yu’. Andy also played the game of raising his left hand for fans to scream and right hand for applause.

After a short silent, Andy’s sons Andox and Box appeared in the center of the stage. Andy then performed with his sons, Box also show off his ability which won the fans screams. Andy used ‘Kai Xin De Ma Liu’ line of lyric “Andy Go Andy Go Go” to interact with the fans, he shouted alone on the stage while millions follows.

Every segment of the concert was well arranged as it was able to bring up and down the audience’s emotion. Andy’s total involvement in the drama and singing, nobody would not be touched by him as the audience return him their true reply.

The concert did not shrink because of the cold weather as after singing ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’, Andy was touched by the audience as he wipe away some tears. To return the fans love, Andy made three promises to the fans: “You can love others, but you cannot not love me!”, “I’ll be called Andy Lau in my next life!”, “I’ll be your fans in my next life!” Facing the enthusiastic fans, the 48-years-old Andy quipped: “More than 20 years go, I’m handsome, more than 20 years later, I’m still handsome!”

Throughout the more than 3 hours concert, close to 30,000 fans screamed, more than 20 classic songs sang, it’s top notch visual and hearing experience, it allowed the audience to feel what is the true heavenly king charisma. During the concert, Andy do his best to perform, the audience refuse to leave as they kept shouting his name: “Andy Lau, I love you”, this once again showed that Andy’s own the tag of heavenly king.

With regards to the alleged that this will be the last concert tour before his marriage, it could also be his last concert tour of his career, Andy did not gave any answers during the Yantai concert.

When the concert reached its height, Andy “fly” towards the center of the stadium on a platform which the audience almost lose control of themselves. In addition, in the “Cowboy Weaver” segment, the part where he part with the weaver girl, being tied up and bang against the wall with sound effects together with Andy’s screams, it made many females among the audience to stand up and scream.

It is known that this concert had been prepared by Andy for a long time, no matter its the stage design, production, costume, sound system, a perfectionist Andy did not missed out any details, in order for perfection and give the audience top class visual and listening enjoyment. The concert has an entourage of more than 200 people that came from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and musicians from all over the world.

For those fans familiar with Andy would know that his concert is nice to listen and watch, the importance is his pursuit of perfection in stage production. Andy once expressed before his concert: “I have done so many concerts, I don’t care how I perform, if the fans enjoy and get involved, the concert will get better!” Indeed, Andy’s words came true, his top notch performance and colorful stage made the fans “totally enjoyed” the concert.

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