A Simple Life press conference in Mainland China

On 13 February, A Simple Life held its first press conference in Beijing, director Ann Hui along with her two main leads Andy Lau and Deanie Ip for the event. Other than the usual dark colors western suits donned by Andy, Deanie wore a colorful dress to show off her elegance which is a complete differences from her maid character in the film. In the press conference, Deanie recommend this film as “unknowingly make one cry”, meanwhile Ann Hui who is known for artistic film also specially stress that “this film is not boring”. In order to promote this film, Andy made a joke of himself as he quoted “really know how to act” as he won the Best Actor award with this film in Golden Horse Film Awards.

A Simple Life had won awards in Venice Film Festival, won Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Director in the recent Golden Horse Film Awards, recently it have another 8 nomination in the upcoming 31st Hong Kong Film Awards, being one of the investor of the film, Andy quipped: “Made a profit,” Bona Film boss Yu Dong is full of confidence in expressing to “make sure A Simple Life box office taking exceeded billions”. The film will hit the cinema on 8 March.

The film is about young master Roger (Andy) and his house maid Tao Jie (Deanie) who took care of him for years thus developed a strong and touching master-maid relationship. Tao Jie had worked in Roger’s family for many years but was sent to a nursing home after suffering a stroke. Roger who is used to being taken care by Tao Jie had to adapt to living on his own, meanwhile he and Tao Jie “mother-son” relationship got deeper…

Despite narrating the master-maid relationship, but director Ann Hui exclaimed that this film is “not boring at all”, of course touching is the biggest selling point, Tao Jie Deanie rate this film as “unknowingly make one cry”, meanwhile Andy exclaimed that he cried when he received A Simple Life script, then he feel that this film “must be successful”. Other than making one cry, this film also “unknowingly make one smile”, it’s touching and humourous.

Returning to the silver screen after 10 years hiatus, Deanie’s outstanding acting won her the Best Actress award in the 68th Venice Film Festival, 48th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards and 15th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, she was given the nickname of “Best Actress killer”, with her presence she would win the award.

At the press conference, Deanie was rather low profile and modest as she did not talked much, just smiled and modestly that the title was too highly for her, she thanked Andy, Ann Hui and Yu Dong’s support in order for her to have such results. Andy used a comical way of describing what A Simple Life meant for him: “Was surprised to win the Best Actor award at the Golden Horse Film Awards, I did not know what to say when I went onto the stage. Normally there will be a staff from my company to take photograph and video for me, in the end, they left after the presentation of the Best Actress and Best Director award, therefore they did not photograph or video me when I received the award! I scolded them at the backstage area and took a photograph for me in the hotel room, then I told my company people, that will do, I really know how to act.” This story made everyone burst into laughter.

It is said that A Simple Life is Andy and Deanie’s 10th collaboration, they also shared a good relationship off camera as on the Golden Horse Film awards presentation ceremony, Andy even kneel down to present the Best Actress award to her which became a talking point. With regards to his relationship with Deanie, Andy quipped that he has an extraordinary relationship with her, didn’t contact each other frequently but when meet each other, their relationship had not changed a bit or deteriorate.

Director Ann Hui once described that her film are like gambling, be it lose then win, win then lose, she would not left it. With A Simple Life winning so many awards in several film festivals, a delighted Ann expressed that she feel that she’s lucky, “Currently considered as a win, hope that the box office will not lose money.” Whereas Bona Film boss Yu Dong was rather confident as he said the company will make sure the film’s box office exceed a billion. “This is a touching film, the film that won the most awards among all films I’ve invested, it is not a commercialized film, it used its warming story to move the audience. During this slot, it has the look of becoming a box offic champion, anticipated it to break the $30000,000 mark in Hong Kong.”

One of the investor, Andy strongly recommend the film, the English name of the film is “A Simple Life”, as what the title says, it’s a simple story, believed will attract many enthusiastic audience to watch the film in the cinema. “There are many passive things in this generation, starting from this film, I feel that everybody will know what is called enthusiastic.”

news and photo from: Sina.com, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News