Andy said red brief present size too small

Andy Lau had expressed that he had countless presents from fans, but it’s a surprise that he received a red underwear as present.

During the Chinese New Year, everyone wanted to wear red for good luck.

Born in the year of the ox, he will offend Tai Sui, the fans find all ways to help their idol get lucky.

Earlier Andy was in Guangzhou to promote Look For A Star, some fans gave him a fiery Calvin Klein red brief as present, however after Andy took a look at the size of the brief, he said: “Hahaha, medium…it seems to be too small for me!”

Some one among the audience shouted: “It seems that this size fits you, medium will do for you!”

Having being looked down by people, instead of getting angry Andy quipped: “How would you know my size?” These exchange of jokes made Shu Qi and Denise Ho controlling their laughter, while the audience burst into laughter.

In order to win the faith of the fans, Andy put the ox soft toy into his black coat to increase “his size”, and made some huge movements to show off his chest, however it’s rather comedy than sexy as the audience burst into laughter.

news from: Sudden Weekly