Andy: Lin Chiling got scolded from me everyday

On 11 February, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains which was currently shooting in Beijing organized a small scale media site visit. When talked about his collaboration with Lin Chiling, Andy Lau quipped: “She got scolded from me everyday.”

The location shooting was carried out in an underground car park of a certain hospital in Yanjiao, the car park was decorated as it was a posh club.

When preparing for the shoot, Lin Chiling is nowhere in sight as only Andy was seen driving a posh sports car towards the club. Although it was minus zero degrees in Beijing, but Andy was only required to wear a coat over a thin shirt. Whenever he reversed his car, his assistant will immediately gave him a thermal coat to keep him warm.

Although it’s just a normal scene, but just the positioning of the car spend close to one hour. Andy did not make any complaints as he kept driving, remove clothes, wear coat and wear thermal coat. After 10 attempts, there was no problem with the position of the car, then Lin Chiling appeared for the shoot.

Lin Chiling’s task was to raise a placard with writings “provide financial support for me or give me a job, monthly salary 10000” when Andy was about to drive out of the club. It’s a simple task but rather it was her image that was eye catching with her red hair and black stockings, surely a model look for a hostess, this is complete difference from her usual good girl image.

When talked about the scene, Andy introduced that he came out of the club and saw Lin Chiling standing by the side, not sure if she’s someone he know some years ago, thus he stop his car and asked her a few words before driving her off. For such a simple and uncomplicated scene, but the crew was willing to spend close to two hours to shoot, Andy exclaimed that this is not an ordinary film.

When talked about collaborating with Andy, Lin Chiling immediately transformed from a red haired lolita into a lucky girl, she said that the most delightful of this film is to be able to see Andy, could learn a lot of things, for example his life experience and his attention to details. When asked about Valentine Day round the corner, what’s her ideal lover, she suddenly became shy and points her finger at the direction of Andy.

When Andy heard that Lin Chiling was delighted to see him, he acted as angry to say: “She got scolded by me everyday.” When asked if he would teach Lin Chiling how to act, Andy gave it a thought and said: “Not considered teaching, but there are other way of preforming, I will discuss with her.”

As Andy’s wife is expected to give birth between April and May, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is expected to finish shooting at the end of February, then would he be applying any “maternity leave” to stay at home to accompany wife and baby? With regards to this, Andy expressed that he would not talked about private matters.

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