Andy drove sports car, Lin Chiling red hair in Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

Since early February, the film Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains had completed its location shooting in Dubai, shooting continues in Beijing. On 11 February, the Sina team pay a site visit when they were shooting at Beijing Xijiao area. The images of Andy Lau and Lin Chiling were revealed for the first time.

The shooting took place at an underground car park, the handsome Andy was driving a black Audi R8, he drove past Lin Chiling who was carrying a US dollar placard which caught the attention of Andy as he reverse his car. Lin Chiling then passed the “US dollar” to a row of standing pretty ladies and hoped into the car before it sped off.

During shooting, the car’s exhaust and engine were ear deafening, he drove the car himself, due to the speed of the car, he urge the crew members to be careful. At the shooting site, director Sun Jianjun was also very strict, from the lighting to props, he even didn’t missed out the reflective materials on the floor in order to get the best effect, the scene was re-shoot several times before completion, it was close to 11pm upon completion.

After the shooting, Andy and Lin Chiling was interviewed by Sina, they appeared relaxed. With regards to the breakthrough sexy image in the film, even Chiling feel that it’s unbelieveable, meanwhile Andy expressed: “I still prefer the normal her,” they then looked at each other and smile, seems that they have good chemistry. When asked if he was attracted by Lin Chiling’s sexy looks that he reversed his car? Andy explained: “It’s unlike what everybody’s thinking that will moved upon seeing a pretty lady, it’s because I had not seen her for years, unsure if she was the woman I knew, drove past her than suddenly remember, then reverse to ask her.”

The difficulties of the shooting was to test Andy’s driving skill, he needed to care for the safety of the crew members and also need to show off his charisma. With regards to his performance, Andy is very satisfied as he said: “If not for the loophole, I could complete it in one cut. Repeated shooting has fear of knocking down someone, I did not have special training, just normal driving.” With regards to the car speed, Andy said: “Actually, the speed is slow, just normal speed, just heard the sound is rather sudden, especially the loud noise when starting the engine, thus gave the impression that it’s very fast.” Lin Chiling expressed that the shooting is very relaxed, sitting there is very relaxed, she quipped: “The feeling is going for a ride!”

Talked about collaborating with Andy in the film, Lin Chiling expressed that it’s a fruitful experience, “Because I collaborated with many people, Andy is very experienced, he will guide you on the spot, feel that really can learn things. Anything not done well, he will tell me, because myself is also a strict person.” Upon seeing such a modest Chiling, Andy immediately added: “I’m not teaching, because different performance has different methods, we have a nice collaboration, during work, you will not say: “Eh, this cannot be said”, not like that, we are rather strict to one another during shooting, because there are a lot of fighting scenes, not a normal film, every camera shot need to shoot 30 or 50 K, must be serious, hope to do our best in the scheduled time.”

If there are a lot of fighting scenes, how’s the condition of Andy’s body, can he get enough time to rest and relax? With regards to the concern of the media, he said: “Have, everyday have. Since a long time shooting two films at the same time, all the while is shooting one film, but still acceptable, worked well with the crew members, it’s the same as life, nothing feel need to be changed.”

When asked if he wanted to retire and enjoy life. Andy quipped: “Nope, I’m still young.”

In Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, Andy had two female co-stars in Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu, when asked who is his true love and how he will handle true love in reality? Andy said: “Still could not reveal the ending of the film, I can only say, lover might not be everlasting. In real life, I understand that true life is everlasting with her, because it’s difficult, never know who will accompany you till old.” Meanwhile Chiling expressed that she understand that true love is everlasting.

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