Carina Lau to be Empress Wu in Di Renjie

Ever since Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau got married, allegation(s) of Carina is pregnant had been spreading. Recently when Carina appeared in good friend Eric Tsang’s birthday party, she had a scraf wrapped round her stomach and she did not take any alcoholic drink, this makes the media guess if she’s pregnant. Carina’s manager told reporters: “She’s not pregnant.”

Today, Huayi Brothers announced that Carina is not pregnant and she would join the cast for Tsui Hark’s Di Renjie, taking up the role of Empress Wu and this would be her first film after her marriage. She joined other heavyweights like Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Tony Leung Kar Fai in the film.

It’s earlier alleged that Tsui Hark and wife Shi Nan Sun dine with Lin Ching-hsia in order to invite her to take up the role of Empress Wu. Lin Ching-hsia also expressed that she had read the script and has intention of returning to showbiz but it is not known if the Empress Wu role is not heavy and not enough space to give her confidence of exceeding her previous outstanding ‘Dong Fang Bu Bai’. With Lin Ching-hsia hoping to make a grand return, the Empress Wu role in turns changed to Carina whom is eager to make a return after her marriage.

Huayi Brothers had announced in their website that Carina will be Empress Wu, Li Bingbing as Shanguan Wan Er, this will be their first collaboration on the silver screen. One quiet and another martial arts skilled, they would battle emotion and martial art with Detective Dee Andy.

It is understand that the new Chinese title ‘Tong Tian Di Guo’ had not been passed, thus the film will still title as Di Renjie.

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