Andy revealed to fans that it will be a “little dragon girl”

Andy Lau who is nicknamed an ox who is always busy throughout the year, being traditional he will always take a break during Chinese New Year to accompany his family members, a soon-to-be-father, this year definitely be no exception as he would be accompanying his pregnant wife.

Before the Chinese New Year, Andy was busy location shooting in Mainland China for the film – Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, seizing the few days of holidays, he flew back to Hong Kong to spend the new year with his family. A family of 6 siblings, some of them had already migrated, it’s a rare chance that everybody came back to Hong Kong for a reunion. He would fly back to Beijing to continue shooting after the 10th day of Chinese New Year.

Although in a huge family, Andy expressed that his family does not have any practices, just offering tea to parents on Chinese New Year Eve’s night, one lotus seed is in the cup of tea symbolizing stay together and live a sweet and smooth life. When asked if Andy would go into the kitchen and cook a few dishes for his family, Andy immediately expressed that he’s good in steamed chicken as he skilled in chopping chicken but it had been more than 10 years since he cooked. The Lau family have a practice of having vegetarian food on the 1st and 15th of each month, Andy remembered a joke because he asked his family member why oyster sauce is considered as vegetarian, his family members answered him: “When Jinshan Temple was flooded, the monks had nothing to eat, the abbot sticked his stick into the sea water and oysters stucked on his stick.” However, when he grew up, he no longer eat oyster sauce during the vegetarian food period.

Andy who is skilled in calligraphy and he would write some Lucky Spring Couplets in the past, when asked did he wrote this year, he said: “We can’t stick them, mother said that it’s not good.” Actually Andy believed when there is a pregnant woman in the house there are some taboo, thus he has to bare with it for not showing off his skills. When asked if being a father-to-be would give bigger red packets, Andy quipped that his red packets’ value every year is not big as total less than HK$100,000.

Meanwhile his god-mother Deanie Ip is the opposite as she does not like Chinese New Year, she frankly said: “Maybe used to it when young which made me hated Chinese New Year. When young many elderly gave me red packets, but do not know their status and my mother explained: “I did taught her, but she does not listen to me”.” Therefore when she grew up, she rather spend Chinese New Year alone and quietly. When asked if she avoid Chinese New Year, she quipped: “Will avoid when young, how to avoid when I grew up?” Although hated Chinese New Year but she would still gave her blessing when she see someone familiar.

When talked about his god son going to become a father, would she be buying any present? Being open minded she said: “Nope, it’s not good to buy for others, people had their own idea as they would not wish to get items that they would not use, I’m more western, I would give a book as present, music or intellectual presents.”

On the second day of Chinese New Year, it is said that Andy organized a Chinese New Year gathering with close to 1000 fans in Andy World Club office in Kowloon Bay. Andy wore a green samfoo for the festive mood as he quipped to his fans: “The baby should be a girl.” He then said that this secret is only told to his fans as they erupted with screams and congratulate their idol to have a “little dragon girl”, it was a high atmosphere. The married Andy gave each fan a $10 red packet, spending a total of $20,000. He also shared with fans the photographs of his location shooting in Dubai. Most of the fans brought along their children to attend the gathering, the father-to-be showed off his father love as he hugged, carried and kissed the small fans.

Andy’s secret of having a daughter being revealed to fans as first hand news delighted the fans as these loyal fans united together to protect their idol. When Andy uploaded several photographs of the gathering on his website, many fans left congratulation words but did not reveal the secret, “What you told us yesterday, we would not reveal one bit, rest assured!” However, some fans could not keep the secret by revealing on their blogs, “Congratulation on the little dragon girl.” Some fans commented: “We know the good news, will see you in June! So happy!” It seems that the little dragon girl will come to this world in June.

news and photo from: Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily News, Sing Pao, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Oriental Daily News,, Macao Daily