Free tickets for Shenyang rescuers at 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake

On 22 April, Andy Lau will be holding his concert at Shenyang Olympic Centre, the day will be 20 days away from the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake 1st anniversary.

For the anniversary, Shenyang Daily and Andy Lau concert organizing committee had started a charity activity together as some of the firemen and medical team that participated in the rescue of 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake will be given free concert tickets.

For Andy’s fans, they not only love his songs but also his determination and unselfishness. When the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake happened, Andy donated $100,000 and also went to site visit to meet the victims, he also organize and perform in fund raising events. At the end of the fund raising event, a touched Andy also kneel down for the first time to thank everybody’s donation. A few months later, people started to have less attention on the victims but Andy still raise funds with his own charity foundation to help the victim spend through winter, Andy’s heart still lie with the victims. Andy’s contribution towards charity does not lose out to anyone. It’s said that the money he donated to charity took up almost half of his annual income. Other than his songs and movies, his healthy and hardworking image keep fans of all age faithful to him.

For this upcoming Shenyang concert, it will be his third in Shenyang, tickets had been selling fast. The most expensive $1980 and cheapest tickets had been sold out, only some of the $1580 tickets remaining. More than 50% of the tickets had been sold.

With regards to the free tickets give away to the Shenyang rescuer heroes, the concert organizer expressed that he remembered all the contribution of these rescuer heroes, as the day of concert is 20 days away from the 1st anniversary, he would like to use this method to thanks the Shenyang people that has done their part for Sichuan. Meanwhile, Andy also always wanted to use this free ticket give away method to thank those people whom had done their part during the earthquake rescue process.

It is understand that Shenyang Dongjin FC initially had a soccer match on 18 April, but it was re-arrange to 16 April because of Andy’s concert, people of Shenyang really give face to Andy. The reporter understand that with the soccer match on 18 April, the organizer wanted to set up the stage on 15 April but Shenyang Dongjin FC support Andy’s concert thus they re-arrange the match to 16 April and setting up of the stage can start on 17 April. Although the workers had to rush and work over time, but the organizer of Andy’s concert express their thanks to Shenyang Dongjin FC for their kind understanding. With the people of Shenyang giving their support, it’s believed that this concert will be a success.

news from: Shenyang Daily,