Father-to-be Andy is revealed that he’s nervous

Deanie Ip and Andy Lau were interviewed by TVB Entertainment News’s Luisa Maria Leitao. Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor and Actress had collaborated for more than 30 years, at times they shared a mother-son relationship. During the interview, other than talking about their film A Simple Life, some private matters were also revealed.

Andy and Deanie won the Best Actor and Actress awards respectively in the 48th Golden Horse Film Awards which made Deanie excited. She quipped: “On the day that I won the award, the audience kept applause and cheering, initially I thought that the boss (Andy) spent a lot of money to bribe the audience to create an atmosphere with applause, then I found out that this film won the masses recognition, this surprised me!”

With regards to the life and death topic being discussed in the film, Deanie pointed out that she supported a peaceful death as she hoped that human could leave this world with pride. Andy exclaimed that every human need to experience death, urge all should not take life too lightly, after shooting this film, he truly understand the meaning of immediate love, must understand the needs of elderly, must show more concern to them.

Talking about getting along in private, although Deanie and Andy shared a busy schedule, they seldom have time to meet up, but that does not deteriorate their relationship. Both of them have high praise for each other during the interview, Deanie exclaimed that Andy is rather perfect, respectable and enterprising person! Andy praised Deanie’s tolerance had improved as he learn quite a few theories in life!

As Andy is becoming a father soon, Deanie narrates that Andy called her personally to tell her the good news which excites her but she was in a crowd thus she could not show off her excitement, only could remind him to be careful, but she shouted out loud “Yeah!” when she reached home! She bet that Andy will be a caring father and he would pamper his child, it’s normal being a father for the first time at the age of 50. Andy who seldom talked about his private life, if being asked he would only gave a few lines answer, it could be the possibility that he’s not facing large group of media but just facing the compere thus he could revealed the feelings of a father-to-be in a relax manner. Andy then revealed that he’s nervous and would spend more time with his family.

After shooting A Simple Life, he’s not as stubborn as he would reveal some light into his family life, of course to reveal more it would be impossible, but people will change as time goes as a person cannot be changed overnight.

news and photo from: Macao Daily News, Hong Kong Daily News, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Metro Daily, Apple Daily News