Alleged that Carol is pregnant with triplets

Since admitting that his wife Carol Zhu Liqian is 4 months pregnant, when asked of the gender of the baby, Andy Lau who will become a father in June only exclaimed that he like both boy and girl. Earlier, well known and controversial writer Gu Du Yi leaked that Andy had secretly accompanied Carol for a fetal gender testing, the result showed a rare healthy female triplets.

It is said that in order to protect the baby, Andy hired retired soldiers from the US navy as bodyguards to protect Carol. Gu Du Yi also revealed that as Carol who is already 46 years old, thus considered Advanced Maternal age, currently Andy’s worry is that the doctor had told him that there us 77% higher risk of giving birth to child suffering from autism for woman aged 40 and above compared to those under 25 years old. Andy is extremely worried that his 3 daughters will suffer from autism.

Meanwhile, in a latest Hong Kong magazine, it reported that Andy specially invited an abbot from Taiwan, accompanied by 20 nuns to Hong Kong for a 72 hours blessing ceremony.

news and photo from:, Ming Pao,,,