Andy admitted that his wife is 4 months pregnant

Since revealing his wife’s pregnancy in November 2011, Andy Lau met the media in a public appearance for the first time when he and god-mother Deanie Ip promote A Simple Life in Kowloon Bay. When interviewed, he was asked about the dragon baby, but Andy kept his lips sealed as he said: “I don’t wish to include this question as this is an interview on the film, be obedient!”

Reporters then used Leon Lai’s golden words: “You reveal to us just once!” Unable to counter, Andy burst into laughter and admitted: “It’s already 3 months when I reveal online, now it’s already 4 months, OK, I’ve finish!” When asked if he preferred boy or girl, he replied: “Like both!”

Although questions on his family followed, but he refused to answer, “I feel that it’s better to be low profile, I also said the same thing to my fans, I seldom talked about my family matters in public, if you want to know, you can ask me if you bump into me on the streets.”

With regards to the current status of his wife and preparation, he answered with “No more, no more, thanks!” as he refuse to answer. Andy revealed that he received the blessing from many of his friends, when asked about the gender of the baby, did he go to any parenting classes or gave a name to the baby, bought any baby products, reserved any bed in hospital, he only answered: “Many thanks, we will talk in private,” but the father-to-be in the year of the dragon was all smile throughout the event.

When asked if he would stop work to accompany his wife, he expressed that he would need to complete the shooting of the two films on hand, when asked when the shooting will be completed? He said: “Not sure, but the film directed by Johnnie To is shot locally in Hong Kong, therefore it’s OK.” Andy pointed out that it doesn’t matter be it boy or girl. Deanie came to Andy’s rescue: “Family matters cannot be discussed, not even happy matters.”

news and photos from: Apple Daily News Flash, Ming Pao News Flash, Headline Daily,