Deanie does not wish to disclose gender of Andy’s baby

Deanie Ip was interviewed by Kam Kwok Leung in an ATV program. Kam gave Deanie a cake and teddy bear for her 64th birthday on 25 December. Deanie never celebrate her birthday as she pointed out not falling sick is considered birthday, most importantly is to stay healthy, thus her birthday wish is to remain healthy and world peace. She thinks that if she want to celebrate birthday, it should be celebrated with mother as since birth, it’s the day you have the closest relationship with your mother, leaving her body and meeting mother on your first day, however Deanie’s mother had passed away!

Deanie revealed that she had met Andy several days ago, but she did not asked him the gender of the baby, she said: “Andy always does not talk about his family matters, I’m obedient, did not ask, it would be a waste if I asked, I also afraid that I leaked it out.” She does not plan to give the baby any present, because the baby will be well loved, there will be too many presents, the best present is none other than parents spending more time with the baby, stroll with the baby, telling stories, listen to songs and reading X·Y Chart (multiplication table).

When asked if she had met “daughter-in-law” Carol Zhu Liqian? She exclaimed that she had saw her and sing praise of her beauty, she said: “She’s so pretty, never seen her so pretty, pregnant woman is extremely pretty.”

The year of Rabbit is coming to an end, it’s time to look back and towards the future, last year fengshui master Lee Shing Chak predictions were rather accurate which includes the Japan earthquake and nuclear spills, bad year for Taliban as they would be attacked by army and floods happening around the world, all these came true. Other than world incidents, Lee also had predictions for Hong Kong showbiz, other than many joyous news, there would be many scandals, all were accurate. With the year of Dragon round the corner, Lee once again predicted that Andy and Carol will have a dragon son, whereas to Leon Lai and Gaile Lai becoming parents, they would have to try harder.

At the end of the year of Tiger, Lee predicted that Andy stand no chance of becoming a father in the year of Rabbit, but nearing to year of Dragon, it would be a good year to become a father, incredibly Lee’s prediction is different from others’ predictions as he predicted that Andy’s dragon baby will be a boy. He said: “Actually in the year of Dragon, boy is lucky for showbiz, in addition Andy’s look has high chance of fathering a boy, it’s a good year for Andy to carry on one’s ancestral, thus there’s a high chance to be a boy than a girl.”

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, East Week, Headline Daily, Metro Daily