Andy’s calligraphy raised RMB 100,000

Andy Lau is well-known for his good calligraphy skills as most of his works would do well in auction. Earlier, a mere 4 words by Andy managed to raised RMB 100,000, every word by Andy worth gold easily raised funds, it seems that if he were to write more, it would be a bright future for the poor.

Joint organized by a Movie Channel (CCTV-6) and China Social Assistance Foundation, “Believe in love – 2012 movie channels “Premiere” New Year Charity Gala” was held in Beijing three nights ago, Jackie Chan, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yuchun, Annie Yi, Christy Chung and Charmaine Sheh attended, together they assisted and witness a total of RMB 14.78 million raised to help poor and sick children and students.

Since being crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Film Awards last month, followed by announcing his 45 years old wife’s pregnancy online, he had cut down his work load to spend more time accompanying his wife to take care of her, thus he was absent from the above mentioned event. However, he still have strong influence on the event as his ‘Tong Tian Di Guo’ collaborated calligraphy with director Tsui Hark was selected as the first item to be auctioned, Bona Films boss Yu Tong successfully win the item in the auction with RMB 100,000, it can be said that every word worth thousands, since Andy’s calligraphy worth so much as it easily raised so much funds for the poor children and students, looks like Andy had to write more.

Meanwhile in the on-going shooting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, in the recent released photographs showed Yu Dawei kneeling down to do a foot massage for Lin Chiling. Yu Dawei quipped that fellow co-star Andy also did not have such luck, whereas he has thus he also felt that he was lucky and bliss.

One of TVB 5 Tigers Kent Tong Chun Yip made a surprise appearance in the recording of Love to Remember Lyrics in Wuhan. He carried the tag of a heart breaker when Barbara Yung Mei-ling committed suicide during their love relationship, when interviewed, Kent expressed: “I’m already 50 years old, I’ve seen through of this old relationship. I feel that life has been unfair to me, but there’s gain and loss, take 5 Tigers for example, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy are more popular than me, but do they have as many children as me? I’m enjoying bliss.”

news and photos from: Apple Daily News,