Deanie support Andy stopping work to accompany wife

Director Johnnie To and Deanie Ip attended an activity of Fresh Wave 2011 – International Short Film Festival two nights ago.

With regards to Andy promoting to a father, Deanie quipped that she had already congratulated him, she pointed out that he’s delighted as had waited for a long time but did not reveal the gender of the baby. When asked if she would become the godmother of the baby? She said: “Not required, most importantly is the parents and baby are healthy.” It was pointed out that Andy would stop all work to accompany his wife, any worries of affecting the promotion of A Simple Life? Deanie said: “Does not care so much, accompanying wife is more important, I agreed with him stopping work, to be able to witness the growth of the baby is a happy matter.”

When asked what present she prepared for the baby, Deanie expressed that she would buy a book, although it’s not earth conservative but surely it’s not radio active. In addition, when asked if many new scripts came to her, a modest Deanie expressed that she had a narrow range of roles for her, she would not make money, thus not much scripts came to her, but she hoped that Andy invested A Simple Life would not lose too much money.

Meanwhile, father-to-be Andy was at the Hong Kong Coliseum two nights ago to watch Leon Lai’s concert, he was in a joyous spirit, although he did not went onto the stage, but he kept stand up and applause Leon, he also salute Leon to show his support.

On the stage, Leon also congratulate Andy winning the Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor award, Andy stand up in reply with the fans cheering him on. When Leon congratulate him becoming a father soon, a comical Andy reacted with a hand signal.

news and photo from: Wei Wen Pao, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Sing Pao, Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily