Time Magazine rates Detective Dee Top 10 films of 2011

USA’s Time Magazine film critic Richard Corliss just picked his Top 10 Films of 2011, French romance film – The Artist directed by Michel Hazanavicius and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo occupied the first and second spot, it’s not to understand, behind these two films is Tsui Hark’s film – Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame starring Andy Lau, which is a surprise.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame which was had a small scale screening (49 cinemas) in America this year’s September, with a box office collection of US$460,000, but it still favored Richard Corliss, he sure has a special taste.

Richard Corliss has full praises for Detective Dee and the Mystery Phantom Flame as he thinks that the film has Hong Kong film’s outstanding action and special effects, the magical Oriental magical characteristic, it changes the traditional image that people have of Di Ren Jie.

Detective Dee and the Mystery Phantom Flame making into the charts stirred several objection from Mainland China netizens, some of them expressed their doubts of Time Magazine as they criticize that being a commercialize film like Detective Dee and the Mystery Phantom Flame could be on the charts, could it be doing of someone coughing out money at the back. However, there is also netizens who supported Detective Dee and the Mystery Phantom Flame as they said that there is nothing bad about commercialize films, as it’s a good thing that the film will have some overseas popularity.

The other films being selected are (in order from fourth) The Tree of Life, War Horse, Super 8, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Rango, Fast and Furious 5.

Earlier Jacky Cheung was attending a Christmas event at The Landmark, when talked about the recent good news in showbiz, Jacky who is the father of two daughters first gave his blessing to Kelly Chen wishing her everything will goes smoothly, then he complained: “Miriam Yeung is still staging her concert? Can’t be as she should be staying at home to rest, health is more important!” Jacky also did not forget to congratulate Andy and Leon as he share some tips on taking care of children, he said: “I have congratulate Andy through my friend, must be quick to be a father, it’s suitable time now. It’s about time Andy and Leon become father, if not must seize the time. I’m the same age as Andy, one required a lot of energy to take care a child, must exercise to maintain, you required a lot of strength at the shoulder to carry your child!”

Meanwhile after announcing his wife’s pregnancy online, Andy finally made a public appearance as he went to the Hong Kong Coliseum to watch Leon Lai’s LeonXu Concert. Andy arrived early at the Coliseum as he went to the backstage area to show support to Leon. As Andy would be a father soon, whereas Leon’s wife Gaile Lai is also alleged to be pregnant, it’s unsure if they congratulate each other.

news and photo from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao