Donnie Yen anticipated collaboration with Andy

Mandarin Films Limited will start the shooting of sequel of Ip Man in August, although its still 4 months away but director Wilson Yip had already started arranging secret weapon, other than allowing Donnie Yen to continue show off his agility, he thought of inviting Andy Lau to be a martial arts expert to have a life-death battle with Donnie.

With regards to Andy joining the cast of Ip Man 2, the media contacted director Wilson Yip for clarification, conservatively he said: “Did thought about it, but details can only be finalize after the script is done up in May, I can say that the original cast of part 1 will remain, the new addition is also very important, the story will focus on Ip Man after he came to Hong Kong.”

Wilson admitted that he admired Andy’s acting and hope to have some sparks on the silver screen by collaborating with him, he said: “I would like to collaborate with Andy, he’s a recognized good actor, he explosive no matter its a relax or cool character, he can take up any role, he can also bring up the emotion of the audience, very influential.” He once again stress that he will only reveal the details after the script had been confirmed.

Ip Man 2 producer Raymond Wong hope that the new film will retain some mystery color, he would welcome Andy to join the cast, he said: “If he’s willing to join the cast, I would surely be delighted.”

Donnie said: “If Andy really join the cast, of course I’ll be anticipating it because I have never collaborated with him, but I’m no sure if a deal will be done as Andy is very busy, if I can have a fighting scene with him, it will be very interesting.”

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