Andy admitted his wife’s pregnancy to Eric Tsang

Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Ray Lui and Kara Hui are in Gansu, China location shooting their new film. When reporters visited them on-site, Eric narrates how he tricked Andy Lau into announcing that his wife is pregnant during the Golden Horse Film Awards ceremony. He said: “At the backstage area, I asked Andy about this incident, I asked him if completing one film is like giving birth to a child? Shooting film will affect having children? Initially he forbid me to ask, thus I stopped asking.” I was driving Andy crazy as he gave Eric a complicated expression which he had never seen before admitting: “Listen properly, really have it.”

Eric said that he feel happy for Andy as he joked with him: “The biggest price you won is not Golden Horse Film Awards, whereas it’s your wife’s pregnancy.” Later, Andy had no choice but to announce the good news on his official website, Eric exclaimed: “It’s magnanimous of Andy to share this good news, I feel happy for him because it had been so many years.”

However, Hong Kong’s Next Magazine reported that when Andy and Carol registered their marriage in Las Vegas in 2008, actually Carol was pregnant thus he almost became a father 3 years ago, however Carol accidentally had a miscarriage. A “friend” revealed that Andy’s sudden marriage is due to Carol’s pregnancy, thus they happily went to register in Las Vegas, unexpectedly suffered a miscarriage shortly after returning to Hong Kong.

The “friend” said: “All his friends knew about this, thus Andy approached Western and Chinese doctors to help his wife condition her body, never gave up having child.” In the past 3 years, Carol had several artificial insemination attempts but unsuccessfully, finally Andy was informed of a successfully conceived on the eve of his 50th birthday, he spread the good news with friends as he said this is a gift from heaven to him.

In order to protect his baby, Andy is extremely careful and nervous as he accompanied his wife for health checks and also hired 3 bodyguards to protect his wife. It’s alleged that Carol is 4 months pregnant, actually she’s close to 6 months pregnant, alleged that Andy had secretly send her overseas. The “friend” said: “She listens to Andy as he hope that she could stay at home to rest.”

Despite the positive news of Andy winning the Best Actor at Golden Horse Film Awards and announcing his wife’s pregnancy online, but unexpectedly an evil netizen named Kissbabylove imitate Apple Daily News Flash to make up and post a fake news of Andy passed away due to myocardial infarction when showering titled “Forever Heavenly King Andy passed away due to myocardial infarction” in the forum of

Although the post was deleted shortly but still many netizens scolded the poster: “This such a bad joke”, “Is it fun to curse a person this way.” The netizen made used of Apple Daily News Flash could make one believed that the news is for real, the management of Apple Daily said that they reserve the rights to take legal action against the poster. Taiwan’s Focus Group expressed: “The company is disappointed to read such inaccurate report, understand that it angers many netizens, thus the original post is deleted, hope everybody would not forward unrealistic reports.”

news and photo from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao,