Andy announced he’s going to be a father!

Earlier, Andy Lau was crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Film Awards, the media kept questioning whether his wife is pregnant but he kept mum.

When fans waited for him at the airport, fans asked him if he inform his Best Actor win to his wife, Andy quipped: “Be good, don’t ask. (Who you want to share the news?) Share the news with everybody.” Unexpectedly, after returning home Andy finally confirmed that his wife is pregnant on his official website as fans send their blessing to him.

Since Andy and Carol Zhu went public, everybody had been showing concern when would they have children. Eric Tsang did asked him during the Golden Horse Film Awards presentation ceremony but Andy did not give any reply, now with the Best Actor award won, he finally admit to his wife’s pregnancy on his website.

Around 28 November midnight (1:50am), Andy wrote in his official website: “Happy news come one after another, Venice, mother won award, everybody got excited. Director won award, dream completed. Mother won another award, unstoppable. Even I did not go home empty handed, excited… Okay, talked about family matters. Understand that every “family members” (fans) are worry about that incident, giving me blessing. Family matter should be discussed within the family, many thanks heaven for adoring me, giving me one happy news ontop of another happy news. Thus, my family ‘you xi’ (family way/pregnant with child), hope to share this happiness with my family members. Send your blessing to us. Andy”

Actually Andy has his own reason by choosing to announce the news that he’s becoming a father on his website. Few years ago, he vows to tell his fans if he is to get married, unexpectedly the media found out that he secretly got married in Las Vegas, suddenly his fans scolded him. Today, he announced first time on his website that he’s becoming a father, it can be considered as a payback for fans.

According to sources, Carol is currently 4 months pregnant and expected to give birth in May 2012, a dragon baby. It is understood that to prevent outside interference, Carol stay in Malaysia till she give birth, it’s also convenience for her family to take care of her. Another sources said that Carol will give birth in Hong Kong as the Lau family had hired personal nanny to take care of her. Andy will stop work for three months after completing the shooting of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains and Blind Detective, to accompany his wife till she give birth.

After announcing the good news on his website, reporters were waiting outside his house, but Andy did not leave his house.

Fellow celebrities happy for Andy

When talked about Andy’s announcement becoming a father in his website, Nancy Sit feel happy for Andy, she said: “If it’s about winning the Best Actor cannot be considered as family happy matters, I think it’s real, normally can only announced after three months, this will be a dragon baby, I was delighted after reading the news, it’s about time Andy has a child.” Nancy also asked listeners of her radio program to help name Andy’s baby, she had already thought of an English name for Andy’s baby, she quipped: “English name should called Andyson, it will sound like Andy’s son.” When asked what present she have for Andy? Nancy quipped: “I’ve plenty of presents, later I’ll tailor made a baby stroller for him.”

When told of the good news, Peter Lam happily replied: “Good news must congratulate.”

Joey Yung was happy for Andy as she quipped that she hope that his child will be as handsome as Andy.

Eason Chan hope that Carol will be concentrate to await her baby, he also does not mind to share how to take care of baby with Andy.

Charlene Choi feel happy for Andy as she pointed out that he’s a good man.

Kelly Chen who earlier announced her pregnancy recently expressed through telephone interview that her and Andy’s will be dragon baby, they could enter school together!

Michael Miu congratulate Andy who got his dream come true, “it’s perfect together with the Best Actor award win.”

Golden Horse Film Awards viewership ratings

Meanwhile, the Golden Horse Film Awards viewership ratings has been revealed, the average 5.91 is a new high in 10 years, it reached the highest point of 9.79 when Andy won the Best Actor award followed by 9.53 point when Andy knelt to present the Best Actress award to Deanie Ip.

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