A Simple Life return to HK

In the Golden Horse Film Awards held two nights ago, Andy Lau, Deanie Ip and Ann Hui won Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director respectively with A Simple Life. The trio returned to Hong Kong one after another yesterday.

Ann was the first to touched down in Hong Kong, she was carrying the Best Director award when she walked out of the airport. An excited Ann said: “I was really surprised when I received the award, but not as surprise when compared with Andy winning his award!” When reporters asked her why she did not believe that Andy win the award, doesn’t he deserve the award? She explained: “Not that I feel that Andy did not do well, but Taiwanese films are doing very well this year, when Ethan Ruan was presenting the Best Actor award, he was looking at Peng Yu Yan who was seated behind Andy, those present all thought that it would not be Andy. When Ethan announced Andy as the winner, even Andy could not believed it himself, he even asked me: Is it me?, similarly I also couldn’t believed it, nevertheless I had expected Deanie to win. Hope with these awards, the film will do well in terms of box office takings when it screened in Hong Kong!” With A Simple Life winning 3 awards, the production team are delighted, when asked what sort of film she would shoot next, Ann said: “Currently no projects on hand, will have to wait till A Simple Life is screened and promotion of the film.”

When asked if she would ask Andy to treat meals, Ann pointed out that Andy had done that many times, most importantly is win awards, everybody happy! Ann hoped that the film will also win in next year’s Hong Kong Film Awards, “Hope can win in next year’s Hong Kong Films Awards, but the film need to be screened before it would get nominated, hope to collaborate with Andy and Deanie again.”

Deanie arrived at Hong Kong last night, large number of reporters were waiting for her, she expressed that she had claimed down because after went back to the hotel to pack her luggage after attending two celebratory dinners, woke up at 5am, only to replenish her sleep on the plane. She exclaimed that she felt honored when Andy knelt on stage to present the award to her, she said: “So honor to have a heavenly king superstar present the award to me, not many people have this honor, so touched.” When asked will she celebrate with Andy again, she expressed it would depend on the arrangement of the company as Andy has a busy schedule.

The usual cool Deanie revealed that when she heard that her god son won the Best Actor award, she lost her cool by screaming out loud, she thought that she was cool but lost it at that moment.

She added that she was delighted to meet a few experienced actors, among them is Wang Yu who joked to her: “Suffered a stroke but didn’t win award.” She used his words and quipped: “I suffered a stroke in the film, thus win the award.” With regards to whether this win is different from her win in Venice, Deanie said: “Last time was like giving out report cards, this feeling is similar to Hollywood, had to sit there, thus does not dare to drink water to prevent toilet breaks.” When asked if the 3 awards a complete ending, Deanie exclaimed that it would be perfect if the scripting and editing also win awards.

Andy did not board the same afternoon flight as Ann but changed to the 7pm flight back to Hong Kong as he had a fan gathering in the afternoon in Taiwan. Although just won the Best Actor award, Andy did not chat much with the fans at the gathering but just sang a few songs which delighted the 900 attending loyal fans and a group photo at the end.

With the recent alleged pregnancy of his wife, other than compere Eric Tsang question him during the ceremony, fans were also concern of the allegation as they asked reporters, but they looked at it as blessing and would not redraw from the fan club.

During the celebratory dinner, reporters seized the chance of a delighted Andy to ask the question on his wife’s alleged pregnancy, Andy still gave the same answer: “Family matters is not suited to be discussed here.” He did not admit nor denied, godmother Deanie immediately defended Andy by saying: “Please do not ask!” When reporters beat around the bush and asked: “Any plans to have children after winning award,” he quipped: “Will discuss it with my mother.” When the question was posted to Deanie, she gave the same answer as Andy.

In addition, after the ceremony’s celebratory dinner, Andy, Deanie and Ann set off for a private celebratory dinner organized by the film company, fans got the news as they crowded the premise and watched Andy from the window. When crew member tried to drew up the curtains, Andy immediately stopped them.

As one of the investors of the film, an excited Andy said: “If Ann has another film and ask me to invest in future, I will support her, because I have confidence in her good creation.”

When reporters sing praise that A Simple Life defeated Taiwanese films, director Ann expressed: “Don’t say that!” Andy then expressed that he had not thought of whether to collaborate with Ann and Deanie again in future, he said: “Let me enjoy the happiness of winning awards first!”

It had been 7 seven years since his last win in Golden Horse Film Awards with Infernal Affairs III, he exclaimed that his last win is of a consolation win, but this time round is completely different, he said: “When I win the award for the first time, I feel that the judges adore me, winning the award again 7 years later, I feel that the judges adores A Simple Life, I really never expected to win, I initially tipped The Piano in a Factory’s Wang Qian-yuan to win, never expected myself to win the award, it’s unbelievable. It’s so perfect, believed it will aid the box office taking of the film as winning award is not my target but rather the box office is.” Actually Andy also has full of expectation for the awards as he tried asking the crew member when he touched down in Taiwan, “Did you have any news?”

A Simple Life which had win awards in Venice Film Festival and Golden Horse Film Festival, when reporters asked Ann if the film would be screened earlier, she said: “This would depend on the arrangement of the distributor, I have no idea.”

Sylvia Chang revealed that Andy has a marginally win over Ge You

For every award presentation ceremony, there would be happiness and sadness among people, with the ceremony coming to a conclusion, some of the winners would not be acknowledged. An example is Andy winning the Best Actor award which surprised many. When the chair of the panel of judges Sylvia Chang was interviewed last night, she revealed that the Best Actor award is a fierce contest between Andy and Let The Bullets Fly’s Ge You, but Andy’s performance caught everybody’s attention, with the whole film is supported by the relationship of Andy and Deanie, it’s not an easy feat.

Peng Yu Yan admitted defeat

Peng Yu Yan who was nominated for Best Actor with Jump!Ashin, losing out to Andy in the end, he exclaimed during the ceremony’s celebratory dinner: “Not disappointed, when I met Andy at the backstage, I was so excited, I’m also his fan, actually I’m delighted to be able to be nominated, never expected to win. Very honored and delighted to meet Andy and Deanie at the ceremony. I acted Jump!Ashin with Andy as my role model…so touched that one the red carpet, the Best Actor helped me to adjust my neck tie.”

Fellow Best Actress nominees Michelle Chen was also not disappointed, instead she was delighted that her idol Andy described her as “The girl I waited for 30 years” when presenting the award, Michelle quipped: “That moment, it’s enough for today, whether winning the award is not important!” She took the courage to have a photograph taken with Andy. When asked if there’s chance of collaboration, Andy said: “Of course there will be chance to collaborate.” The answer delighted Michelle.

You Are the Apple of My Eye director Giddens Ko exclaimed that he was touched by Andy. After losing out the Best Director award, he met Andy in the toilet, Andy pat his shoulder and told him: “I worked hard for many years to have today’s result, you shall not give up!” The encouragement from the Best Actor winner warmed Ko’s heart and excites him.

It is said that Andy got excited and asked Giddens Ko, “So when to cast me in your film?”

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